For Discount Brake Services You Can Rely On, Visit Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron!

The winter weather can be rough on our vehicles. During this season, you’ll want to make sure that your Tallmadge, Ohio vehicle is working at it’s best in order to avoid an unforeseen breakdown during your daily commute! If you’ve been hearing strange noises when you hit your brakes, contact the professionals at Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron, Ohio. Their expert technicians will be able to inspect your vehicle’s brakes and diagnose any potential problems your braking system may have. After all, your brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle and you heavily rely upon them to stop your vehicle efficiently. Luckily, Auto & Tire Service Specialists is happy to provide their Akron, Ohio area customers with the affordable brake repair services they need to keep their vehicle safely on the road this season. With these discount brake services, you’ll be able to get the new brake pads your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio vehicle needs and so much more at an amazing price!

Is your vehicle your main mode of transportation? Many individuals rely on a single vehicle to get them where they need to go during the winter months. If your vehicle is in the shop, how do you get to work efficiently? Auto & Tire Service Specialists understand that you need your vehicle back in a timely fashion, and that’s why they’re happy to offer quick and efficient discount brake services! Their knowledgeable and experienced technicians will be able to accurately diagnose your vehicle’s brake trouble through a thorough inspection of the following components so as to accurately and quickly resolve your braking problems:

  • Disc Brakes
    • Disc brake rotors and pads
    • Calipers and hardware
    • Drum Brakes
      • Brake drums and shoes
      • Wheel cylinders
      • Return springs
      • Parking Brake
        • Cables
        • Hydraulic System
          • Master cylinder
          • Brake fluid and hoses
          • Power booster

In many cases, all your vehicle needs is new brake pads. In more extreme cases, your vehicle may need a series of other components replaced to ensure your braking system is in perfect working order during your Tallmadge commute.  If you’re from the Akron or Cuyahoga Falls area and find your brakes are showing signs of wear, bring your vehicle to Auto & Tire Service Specialists. Here, you’ll be able to get the affordable brake repair services your vehicle needs to stay safely on the road this winter.

Furthermore, these affordable brake repairs services will be performed by expert ASE-certified technicians with years of training and experience. Knowing this, why choose anywhere other than Auto & Tire Services Specialists in Akron, Ohio to have discount brake services performed on your Tallmadge, Ohio vehicle? Their knowledge staff and technicians will be able to inspect your vehicle thoroughly, ensuring every component that is part of your brake system is working optimally. This way, they can decide if you need new brake pads, rotors, or something more. If you’re from the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area and find your vehicle in need of brake services, don’t hesitate to bring it in to Auto & Tire Service Specialists! For more information, visit or call one of their physical locations today!

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