For Discount Brake Repair Services Near Stow, Contact Auto & Tire Service Specialists!

Your vehicle is made up of a variety of unique components that keep it functioning appropriately. Over time, some of these components will need to be replaced due to frequent use. One such set of components is your brake pads. If you’re beginning to notice strange noises, shaking, or other odd symptoms when pressing down on the brake pedal of your vehicle, contact the professionals of Auto & Tire Service Specialists!

At this professional auto and tire shop, their ASE-Certified technicians will be more than happy to provide you with a free brake inspection to ensure everything is in perfect working over. After all, brake pads will eventually need replaced after a few consistent years of driving your Portage Lakes, Ohio or Stow, Ohio commute. For these reasons and more, Auto & Tire Service Specialists is happy to offer affordable brake repair services you need to keep your vehicle running optimally during your Fairlawn, Ohio travels. While having your brakes inspected, consider having your tires inspected as well. This way, you can determine if it’s time to invest in discount vehicle tires from Auto & Tire Service Specialists.

With the amount of potholes that have spread across the Stow and Portage Lakes roadways, many individuals are seeking out new tires for their vehicle. After all, hitting a pothole too hard can destroy your tire! Luckily, Auto & Tire Service Specialists has the largest assortment of discount vehicle tires in Northeast Ohio! With such a vast selection of name brand tires – Goodyear, Kumo, Michelin, etc—you’ll be sure to find the tires that best suit all of your vehicle needs. Are you unsure of which size tire you’ll require for your vehicle? Basic tire sizes include:

  • 225/60/16
  • 215/60/16
  • 215/65/16
  • 205/55/16
  • 265/70/17

If so, know that the friendly and knowledgeable staff members of Auto & Tire Service Specialists will be able to help you find the perfect fit!

While searching for the perfect tires, let the ASE-Certified technicians of Auto & Tire Service Specialists perform a free brake inspection on your vehicle! Through this service, you’ll be able to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive during your Fairlawn area travels. If your brake pads or additional brake components are in need of replacement, know that Auto & Tire Service Specialists is proud to offer their discount brake repair services.

With these discount brake repair services, you’ll be able to have your vehicle functioning safely again. Without properly functioning brakes –especially during the spring months when the road is often wet—your risk of accident increases drastically! The sooner you notice a potential problem with your brakes, the sooner they can be repaired to keep you safely on the road for your Stow, Ohio travels. Even if you don’t notice a problem with your brakes, a free brake inspection from Auto & Tire Service Specialists could discover it and resolve it before it becomes a larger issue.

During the spring months, you can help maintain your vehicle’s braking ability by making sure the tires on your Fairlawn, Ohio vehicle have proper tread on them. If your tires are looking a little worn down, browse through the vast selection of discount vehicle tires available at Auto & Tire Service Specialists physical location or online. You’ll be sure to find the perfect fit! If you’re from the Portage Lakes, Ohio area and would like to learn more, visit or call one of their physical locations today!

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