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Your vehicle is an intense piece of machinery. Hundreds of different components work in unison to keep your Barberton, Ohio vehicle running optimally throughout the year. However, frequent use or unforeseen circumstances can cause one or more of these components to begin to break down. If you’re from the Stow, Ohio area and are experiencing problems with your vehicle model this season, contact the experts at Auto & Tire Service Specialists. Here, they’ll be able to perform the engine diagnostic services and additional services needed to better understand which of your vehicle’s components are in need of servicing. With the amount of potholes that have ravaged the Tallmadge, Ohio roadways this past winter, damaged struts and shocks are not wholly uncommon. Luckily, Auto & Tire Service Specialists offer an assortment of professional auto services to assist with these issues—including suspension repair services!

Whether you’re seeing a “check engine” light coming up on your dash or your vehicle isn’t running the way it once did, engine diagnostic services are a great way to pin point the problem. At Auto & Tire Service Specialists near Tallmadge, you can have these services performed quickly and efficiently on your vehicle to determine why that pesky “check engine” light won’t seem to shut off. Often, this light signifies a damaged sensor. However, there is always the possibility of a more serious problem. For this reason and more, it’s important to take your vehicle to a professional when these problems arise. Although computerized diagnostics can help determine what problem your vehicle is suffering, nothing quite compares to a hands-on inspection. After all, some problems don’t show up through your vehicle’s computer system.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Barberton area vehicle this season, make sure you take it to the experts at Auto & Tire Service Specialists. With years of experience, their ASE-Certified technicians will be able to inspect your vehicle and repair any damaged components it may have.  Have you noticed steering problems or has your Stow drive become a little bumpier? Problems like these tend to only arise when your vehicle is having suspension problems. Thankfully, Auto & Tire Service Specialists offers an assortment of professional auto services— including strut and shock replacement!  Although these components are often the culprit when it comes to suspension repairs, your suspension system is comprised of a variety of parts that have the potential to wear down:

  • Control Arms
  • Ball Joints
  • Springs (coil or leaf)
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Struts

With so many components comprising one system, you’ll want to make sure you get the suspension repair services your vehicle needs this season.

At Auto & Tire Service Specialists –located near Tallmadge, Ohio— you can get the professional auto services you need to get your vehicle running like new again. If your vehicle isn’t driving as smoothly as it once did, you may be in need of suspension repair services.  Struts, shocks, springs, and additional components can all begin to break down after many years of consistent use, causing an uncomfortable ride when driving your Stow, Ohio commute. However, with the help of Auto & Tire Service Specialists, these problems can easily be remedied.

Are you having additional vehicle problems? If you’re experiencing a “check engine” light or find your vehicle isn’t acting the way it should, bring it to Auto & Tire Service Specialists. Here, they’ll be able to perform the engine diagnostic services needed to better understand your Barberton, Ohio vehicle’s repair needs. For more information on this quality auto shop and their services, visit or call one of their physical locations today!

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