Find Up To 50% Off Vintage & Estate Diamond Jewelry Until the end of 2017 at Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

It’s the time of year when people are constantly being quizzed about what they want under the tree on Christmas morning, and everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Anyone from Streetsboro, Ohio, to Brimfield, Ohio, can visit Cevasco Jewelers for exquisite estate and antique diamond jewelry; moreover, it’s the perfect time to stop in and peruse their thousands of in-store jewelry pieces that are involved in their 90th anniversary jewelry sale. In addition to vintage jewelry being a more cost-effective decor, everything in stock at this local jewelry store is up to 50% off, and can be added to anyone’s wish list or chosen ahead of time as a perfect addition to any outfit for those holiday parties. It would also behoove anyone needing extra money for the holidays to visit Cevasco Jewelers, because they are paying cash for broken gold and silver jewelry. Anyone in Akron, Ohio, and beyond looking for anything from diamond estate pendants and peridot diamond rings to estate fashion earrings for their loved one can visit Cevasco Jewelers to satisfy even the pickiest of individuals.

Vintage jewelry is markedly unique in that each exquisite piece transcends time. It has been trending over the last few years as a segment of jewelry that is sought after. People are always looking for ways to blend vintage jewelry with their modern wardrobe, lending to the popularity of anything from dainty pieces of antique diamond jewelry to bold pieces, such as peridot diamond rings, diamond estate pendants, and estate fashion earrings. It is the perfect time of year for anyone in search of estate diamond jewelry to visit Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, because of their incredible 90th anniversary jewelry sale offering up to 50% off all in-stock jewelry. Individuals from Streetsboro, Ohio, to Brimfield, Ohio, who are interested in estate, vintage, or antique jewelry have discovered that they can save a vast amount of money, sometimes up to half of what they could spend on modern pieces. Cevasco Jewelers is offering a fantastic way to find the ultimate Christmas gift for someone!

Vintage, antique, and estate jewelry open doors for people to express their individuality with accessories, and Cevasco Jewelers carries a plethora of options for everyone in Akron and beyond. They carry a wide selection that will fit any penchant, from Art Décor and minimalist tastes to bold and daring preferences. This local jewelry store has been trusted for 90 years by generations of customers, and they carry a selection that represents this timespan. They have always helped their customers with styles in every budget and design by dealing directly with diamond cutters in order to avoid any middleman that would add extra costs. The fourth-generation jewelers at Cevasco Jewelers knows that Christmas is the time that people are buying presents for more than just one person and are always offering ways to ease the financial pain. In addition to their 90th anniversary sale and vintage jewelry that will save individuals up to 50%, they are paying cash for broken gold and silver jewelry to help ease the cost of gift giving.

Christmas is the season when people long to find that perfect gift for their friends and family. Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio, has been helping the community for 90 years and is showing their appreciation with a jewelry sale until the end of the year offering savings of up to 50% off their in-store inventory. In addition to their already low prices and fantastic anniversary sale, they are paying cash for broken gold and silver jewelry. Individuals from Streetsboro, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, can find the perfect Christmas gift or holiday accessory in this local jewelry store’s vintage jewelry selection — which includes estate and antique diamond jewelry, such as peridot diamond rings, diamond estate pendants, and estate fashion earrings in modern and traditional designs. Everyone in Brimfield, Ohio, and beyond can implement their gift giving strategies with one visit to Cevasco Jewelers.

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