Fairview Log Homes Helps Residents in Wheeling, West Virginia and beyond with New Construction

fairviewloghomes_logoBy Gemma Chriss

Many people desire a home that fits their style, budget, and needs, but are unsuccessful in their attempts to find one already on the market. Rather than settling for one that would require extensive remodeling, some opt to enlist the help of a home builder that can construct a new house from scratch according to the client’s specifications. Despite there being a number of general contractors near the St. Clairsville, Ohio; Wheeling West Virginia; and Cambridge, Ohio areas, few specialize in new construction of wood cabins. For that, it’s in one’s best interest to turn to a company that has years of experience crafting log houses, like Fairview Log Homes.

Fairview Log Homes_ShearerFairview Log Homes’ team is well adept at designing wood cabins that fit all of their clients’ criteria. Those who schedule a consultation with this reputable company are able to outline everything they’re looking for in their dream house, down to the smallest detail. Unlike other home builders, Fairview Log Homes doesn’t just focus on general features, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms; instead, they gather as much information as possible to ensure that clients will be satisfied with the results. Those who enlist the help of this locally owned and operated business can not only feel confident they’ll end up with a beautiful log house that fits their needs and budget, but one that has been crafted with care.

Fairview_ErnstWhen it comes to new construction, few companies in the St. Clairsville, Wheeling, or Cambridge area can compete with Fairview Log Homes. Not only do they build wood cabins according to their clients’ specifications, but they allow soon-to-be homeowners to be as involved in the process as they wish. Those who want to contribute to the building of their home are welcome to do so. If not, they can be sure that Fairview Log Homes’ team will do the job correctly, from using the right lumber to installing the chosen windows. As a general contractor, Fairview Log Homes is able to offer turnkey homes that are ready to be moved into as soon as the last bit of dust has been cleared.

Fairview Log Homes_Braig (2)Those who haven’t had any luck shopping for homes in the St. Clairsville, Ohio; Wheeling, West Virginia; or Cambridge, Ohio area are encouraged to visit Fairview Log Homes’ website at www.fairviewloghomes.net. There they can find additional information about this home builder and view photos of wood cabins they’ve completed in the past. A consultation can also be set up with this general contractor to discuss new construction. A call to Fairview Log Homes at 330.359.5726 will allow potential clients to schedule an appointment with Fairview Log Homes’ team and get one step closer to obtaining the log house of their dreams.

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