Fairview Log Homes Crafts Beautiful Wooden Houses for Families in Delaware County, Ohio and Beyond

fairviewloghomes_logoFairview Log Homes_Braig (1)By Gemma Chriss

Log cabins continue to increase in popularity as homeowners attempt to capture the beauty of nature. However, most people understand that aesthetics aren’t everything, and a custom log home must be structurally sound in order to be deemed an acceptable living space. The problem is that there are few building contractors in the Delaware County, Ohio area who have experience with this specific type of construction. Fairview Log Homes strives to resolve this issue by offering their services to residents throughout Delaware, Ohio; Dublin, Ohio; Powell, Ohio; and beyond. These log home builders have earned a reputation for excellence when it comes to designing and constructing wooden houses, making them the ideal choice for those who want to build their home from the ground up.

Fairview_MillerAs a turn-key building contractor, Fairview Log Homes is able to handle every phase of the construction process, from breaking ground on a new piece of property to performing the final cleanup. Their approach also sets them apart from other log home builders outside of the Delaware County area as they encourage clients to remain involved every step of the way. During the initial consultation, clients are asked to describe their perfect wooden house in great detail so Fairview Log Homes’ team can create a design concept that contains all of the desired features. This ensures that homeowners will end up with a custom log home they love instead of a generic log cabin that may not meet all of their needs.

Fairview_FoxHomeWhen residents throughout the Delaware, Dublin, and Powell areas enlist the help of Fairview Log Homes, they can feel confident that they will receive the highest quality work possible. For starters, this family-owned and operated company employs a number of individuals who have a significant amount of experience in their field. Not only do these log home builders go to great lengths to ensure that each wooden house is constructed properly, but they also perform detailed log work for an added touch of elegance. As if that weren’t enough, Fairview Log Homes warehouses the majority of their logs in order to control the quality of their products instead of relying on an outside source. They offer a variety of different species of logs to build their custom log homes, and make every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Fairview Log Homes_MillerFor nearly three decades, Fairview Log Homes has crafted custom log homes for residents in Delaware County, Ohio and beyond. Those who are interested in building their own log cabins from scratch are encouraged to read some of the testimonials from past clients on Fairview Log Homes’ website. Additional information about these log home builders is also available at www.fairviewloghomes.net. Residents in Delaware, Ohio; Dublin, Ohio; and Powell, Ohio who would like to schedule a consultation with these building contractors to discuss their own wooden house project should call 330.359.5736 to speak with one of Fairview Log Homes’ friendly associates.

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