Fairview Log Homes Can Add a Custom Stone Fireplace to Any Affordable Log Home in Columbus, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

As children grow, they eventually contemplate their adult lives. It is hard for a child to imagine what it is like to be on their own, paying their own bills and having their own home. They can’t imagine being responsible for everything in their lives, and they are usually very excited about the prospect of it. Games like Monopoly get them thinking about it more with the types of housing and money required to own them, so it prepares children for what lay ahead. Everyone’s tastes in homes differ and may change a few times throughout their lives, evolving as they get older and see a variety of structures, from Victorian or Colonial homes to Cape Cods and Log Cabins. For many, custom log cabins are warm and inviting, evoking feelings of peacefulness and contentment. Many people picture affordable log homes as small structures that are dark and windowless, but calling the custom log home builders at Fairview Log Homes can change anyone’s perceptions and show them the plethora of choices available. They can be built to incorporate the aesthetic tastes of anyone from Guernsey County, Ohio, to New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, from very rustic to contemporary and with a vast array of square footage layouts. One of the coziest amenities in almost all Amish-built wooden houses by Fairview Log Homes is the custom stone fireplace, built to the owner’s specifications. Anyone from Millersburg, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio, can sit and talk to this turn-key contractor for details on building their dream home.

When anyone from New Wilmington to Columbus decides that they would love to live in the comfort and inviting warmth of a custom log cabin, their best bet is to call the turn-key contractors at Fairview Log Homes. They are dedicated to building affordable log homes on the schedule that is set and within the budget that was agreed upon. They offer a wide selection of standard and custom details; however, one of the most requested amenities is a beautiful custom stone fireplace, which can be incorporated into any room in a house. Imagine waking up to the glorious vision of a dark gray stone gas fireplace with a rustic natural wooden mantel in one’s bedroom. Additionally, incorporating a natural Eldorado stone fireplace that is wood burning in the living room of one’s log Amish-built wooden house would be the epitome of cozy living. Fairview Log Homes offers fireplaces with a vast array of mantel options and stone choices, as well as the choice of having either a gas or wood burning fireplace installed.

Fairview Log Homes doesn’t just claim to be a custom log home builder, but truly live up their declaration. They will spend time with each client and design each home to fit their client’s lifestyle. They can make the creation of anyone’s dream home an enjoyable experience. Building an affordable log home from Guernsey County to Millersburg doesn’t have to be stressful when someone talks to this turn-key contractor, who has built over 250 log homes in the last 37 years. In addition to the comfort of custom stone fireplaces, they offer many other personalized options, including stairway designs, corner details, character posts, log tables and furniture, wrought iron railings, and much more. This is in addition to all the standard features that they offer, which include:

  • 8-inch log exterior walls
  • Log rafter roof system
  • Full log dormers and gables
  • Cedar exterior and interior trim
  • 10-inch block foundations
  • Custom wood floorings
  • Anderson windows and patio doors
  • ProVia entry doors
  • 6-panel pine interior doors
  • Delta plumbing fixtures

Homeowners from New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, to Guernsey County, Ohio, can rely on Fairview Log Homes being there from the beginning to the end of the entire construction process of their custom log cabin, making it a smooth and rewarding experience. This turn-key contractor will stay within the budget and timeframe that were discussed, while accommodating any custom requests, including the amenity that is demanded the most, a custom stone fireplace. This custom log home builder can create a wood burning or gas fireplace with a variety of natural stones and a wide selection of mantel options. Individuals from Millersburg, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio, can count on the decades of experience and extensive knowledge regarding Amish-built wooden houses from Fairview Log Homes, while they design and build a stress-free affordable log home with a beautiful custom stone fireplace for a cozy, comfortable winter.

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