Explore the Capabilities of a Certified landscaper at Classico Landscapes in Louisville, Ohio

Outdoor living spaces are becoming extremely popular – and with good reason! The ability to unwind in a serene, tailored setting makes a house into a home. Specific additions like brick and flagstone patios transform homes in Massillon, Ohio just as unique water features personalize those in Jackson Township, Ohio. And hardscapes with natural or faux stones provide polished looks with minimal maintenance throughout North Canton, Ohio. That is, with the help of a certified landscaper from Classico Landscapes in Louisville, Ohio.Education and experience make innovative designs and seamless installations by the team at Classico Landscapes possible. Specifically, certified landscaper training at Ohio State University and 17 years of experience in creating dream yards in and around Stark County. This experience ranges from providing precise lawn care to designing and installing large and small landscaping plans with customers’ lifestyles and budgets in mind.

Each outdoor living space that Classico Landscapes creates begins with a conversation. The team strives to fully understand homeowners’ wants and wishes, so they listen before they suggest. For people in Massillon who are seeking to update their existing landscapes, targeted chats could focus on shade or ornamental trees. Perennial flowers that provide blooms for three seasons and year-round color could also come up. And for homeowners just beginning to fulfill their outdoor dreams in Jackson Township, shapes and sizes of brick and flagstone patios are likely conversation starters. Whereas, older couples in North Canton who are seeking to simplify may enjoy a discussion about stone laid hardscapes with no grass to cut or gardens to weed.

The point is, with Classico Landscapes, customers are the focus and the landscaping possibilities are endless! From minor accents like garden fountains to unique water features that serve as major focal points, if you can dream it the certified landscaper in Louisville can design and install it. And if you’re wondering what falls in the category of unique water features, visualize a triple-tier waterfall flowing into a fish pond. Now, take a look at your yard and let your imagination flow!

Perhaps your family is partial to warm settings or outdoor cooking. If so, a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or fully functional outdoor kitchen could be what you and your certified landscaper discuss. Many variations are possible on brick and flagstone patios. Some with customized walkways leading from homes, and others surrounded with shrubs that add privacy and soften the view. Again, if it’s in your vision, Classico Landscapes will enjoy putting it on your property and leaving you and your family amazed and satisfied!

By now, you may be curious to see what the team at Classico Landscapes can do. They welcome you to explore their photo gallery at www.classicolandscapes.com. Should you prefer to talk about your dream for your home, call 330.875.0797 and consult the certified landscaper. Be it brick and flagstones patios, unique water features, or hardscapes that interest you, feel free to ask specific questions. And if you’re curious about how easily they can construct an outdoor fireplace in Massillon, Ohio or build an outdoor kitchen in North Canton, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio, just ask and be ready to be amazed!

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