Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready for Winter in Kidron with VW Maintenance from Dave Walter Volkswagen

Dave Walter_Logo 2As the temperatures begin to drop in the Kidron, Ohio and Creston, Ohio areas, you may begin to notice your car reacting poorly to the temperature changes—especially if it’s an older model. Some of the most common issues individuals begin to notice their car is having during the cold months are hard starts, stalling, and rough idling. Because these problems could stem from a more serious condition, schedule Volkswagen services for your vehicle with one of the factory-trained technicians of Dave Walter Volkswagen.

Of the services this Volkswagen services center provides, their VW maintenance services are some of the most important. Why? Routine maintenance of your Volkswagen model can help the knowledgeable technicians of Dave Walter Volkswagen find potential problems before they become worse. After all, the cold temperatures can be hard on your vehicle and make already existing conditions worse if left unattended. Should a problem be found, know that these expert technicians will be happy to repair the damages using genuine VW parts.  By using these Volkswagen approved parts, they can help ensure your vehicle continues to run the way it was meant to during your Fredericksburg, Ohio or Smithville, Ohio travels throughout the year.

dave walter_partsAlthough parts that are not considered to be genuine could be used in your vehicle, they are not designed with your specific vehicle model in mind. For this reason, Dave Walter Volkswagen only uses genuine VW parts in the services they offer to preserve the integrity of your vehicle and keep it running properly. Don’t forget, the function of your exterior components such as your tires, wiper blades, and headlights are just as important as your vehicle’s internal components. As part of routine VW maintenance, these external components are often checked to ensure that they are still viable for your travel needs through the Fredericksburg area and beyond. However, if you’re between Volkswagen services and haven’t had your vehicle properly inspected for the winter season ahead, schedule an appointment with Dave Walter Volkswagen.

At this Volkswagen service location, you can have your vehicle thoroughly inspected to ensure it is properly prepared for your day-to-day commute through the Creston, Kidron, or Smithville areas this winter. Some of the areas of your vehicle you’ll want to have checked by the factory-trained technicians of Dave Walter Volkswagen include the following:

  • Heater
  • Defroster
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Fluids
  • Battery
  • Radiator
  • And Many More!

davewalter_serviceIf you haven’t had these areas of your vehicle inspected yet, schedule a service appointment with Dave Walter Volkswagen. At this Volkswagen service center, you can invest in VW maintenance, repairs, inspections, and other services to help ensure your vehicle is ready for the hazardous winter weather ahead. Is your vehicle already experiencing problems? Dave Walter Volkswagen offers a variety of affordable Volkswagen services to help keep your vehicle running the way it should during your Creston, Ohio or Smithville, Ohio travels this winter. More importantly, they keep an array of genuine VW parts in stock in their service department to ensure you get the fast and efficient repair services you need at an affordable price! If you’re from the Fredericksburg, Ohio or Kidron, Ohio area and would like to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle before winter, visit www.davewaltervw.com and make an appointment using their online scheduler. Otherwise, feel free to call 866.762.9167 to speak to one of their knowledgeable service technicians today!

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