Enjoy Your Post-Graduation Celebration in Massillon, Ohio with Up in Smoke BBQ’s Extensive Customizable Menu

Graduation season isn’t quite upon the Dalton, Ohio area yet, but it’s never too early to start planning for your future graduate’s celebratory dinner. Hosting a post-graduation celebration in Massillon, Ohio is a fantastic way to gather your graduate’s friends and family to honor their accomplishments and achievements. Regardless if you want to host a formal dinner or looking to do something more informal, Up in Smoke BBQ located near Canal Fulton, Ohio is here to help you. With an extensive customizable menu and full-service catering, they can ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch and you can avoid all that cooking and cleaning!

After years of guidance and supporting your child as they make their way through the school system, the last thing you want to do is treat their graduation day as just another day. Show your graduate how proud you are and plan a post-graduation celebration for them. Whether you choose to rent a venue or host it at your own home, why fuss with all the mess of cooking and then cleaning afterwards if you don’t have to?

As a full service catering service, Up in Smoke BBQ provides the utensils, napkins and place settings for your event. And better yet, after everything is said and done, their professional staff will clean up. It’s easy to see why they serve as one of Stark County’s premiere catering services. They cater special occasions in Canal Fulton, Massillon, Dalton and surrounding areas all year round. Their extensive customizable menu includes their delectable barbecue options and sides, perfect if you are considering a bonfire to mark the occasion. If you are looking to go a bit more formal with your celebratory dinner, then you are luck as they also offer a wide selection of top quality meats and are fully capable of providing any sides, appetizers or desserts that you wish to have.

With the freedom to create your own menu and avoid all the hassle of cleaning up afterwards, why would you contact anyone other than Up in Smoke BBQ to cater your post-graduation celebration in Massillon, Ohio? Graduation is not just for those who graduate, it’s a time for celebration for everyone who supported them through the years. It also can serve as the next stepping stone to your child becoming a completely independent adult. So regardless if they are staying in the Dalton, Ohio area for college or heading off to Ohio State University, take the time to host a celebratory dinner in their honor. With the professionals from Up in Smoke BBQ, located near Canal Fulton, Ohio by your side, you can take advantage of their full-service catering and extensive customizable menu to make the event go smoothly for you and your family. You’ve done enough work over the years, so contact them at 330.639.7459 and let them make your child’s graduation dinner a memorable experience. Also remember to check back with www.ishopblogz.com for more information about Up in Smoke BBQ’s new website that is coming out soon!