Elite Security Consultants: The New Name & New Standard in Cleveland Armed Security

Elite Security Consultants is the new standard in armed security in Cleveland, Ohio. They can easily cover all of your security needs, from safety consultations to equipment installation, and all the way through mobile patrols and armed security guards. They work only with the very best people and equipment, and hold their guards to the very highest of standards.

There are many options when it comes to choosing armed security in Cleveland, and the majority of the companies have been around for many years. An established business is not a bad thing, in general. However, if the security company you hire is not up to date on the most contemporary techniques and technology, then they cannot provide you with the highest level of protection services. Elite Security Consultants can.

Every armed security guard employed by Elite Security Consultants is current or retired military or law enforcement. To join the team, you must pass a rigorous physical fitness exam. To remain on the team, you must continue to pass it each year. This level of physical fitness is a must for someone who is providing protection for others, whether it is personal protection or safeguarding your business or property.

They have made it their mission to stay abreast of emerging surveillance technologies, all forms of weapons and combat training, as well as constant training in preventative techniques. An Elite Security Consultants armed security guard is more than just another person wearing a uniform; he or she has received specialized training geared specifically toward your needs. Naturally, avoiding, preventing, dissuading, and diffusing potentially dangerous situations is always the primary goal. However, should the need arise, you can be confident that an Elite Security Consultants armed guard will be able to handle the situation as efficiently and proficiently as possible.

There are number of different services available for your Cleveland business. Elite Security Consultants provides mobile patrol protection. With this option, an armed officer will be on the premises to keep watch over the comings and goings of customers and employees for their safety, as well as checking the perimeter or your property for any issues. The professionals at Elite Security Consultants can help you to decide what will best suit your needs. For example, would a marked or unmarked vehicle be most effective, and how many armed security guards should be in the vehicle.

If mobile protection is not what you need, perhaps an armed guard stationed at your location or within your building would be more effective. The guard posted would be Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission certified, and would be responsible for the safety of your staff, customers, and physical property. You can also specify other needs that are particular to your business when you speak to the team at Elite Security Consultants.

As the name states, the company also provides consultation on safety and security measures. They can review your property, commercial or residential, and recommend measures that you can take to help make it safer. These professionals think outside the box, so to speak, and may be able to suggest techniques you had not considered or even been aware of.

You have everything to gain—peace of mind, comfort, and safety—by contacting Elite Security Consultants today to see how they can help your Cleveland area home or business. For more information about their services and the training their armed security guards receive, visit their website at www.ESCOhio.com or call 855.ESC.OHIO (855.372.6446).

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