Elite Security Consultants Provides Online Security Tips and More to Summit County, Ohio Citizens

When you hear the name Elite Security Consultants, a few things probably come to mind… Local security guards. Trusted security services company. Personal bodyguards. Masters of self-defense training. Defenders of the Summit County, Ohio area. But did you also know that these experienced officers have quite the web presence as well? Elite Security Consultants does everything it can to help out those in need of extra security measures—including offering online security tips and general safety knowledge to Akron, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio citizens. When you visit Elite Security’s comprehensive Facebook page or follow them on Twitter, you can learn all about how to keep yourself safe. Plus, you’ll be able to learn about some of Elite Security’s upcoming safety events!

If you’ve read or heard anything about Elite Security Consultants, then you already know that this is one company that takes its job seriously. Elite Security’s staff members pride themselves on being “not just bark.” As one of the leading companies for local security guards in the Summit County area, it’s obvious that the team works hard to defend their clients and help them to defend themselves. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all work, all the time! In fact, Elite Security often takes time to answer questions and offer online security tips on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Whether it’s how to stay safe during Halloween, the best ways to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, or simply how NOT to act in certain scenarios, Elite Security Consultants offers these important tips to people in our area and beyond.

But what you may find even more helpful is that Elite Security also provides information on their upcoming safety events. Whether you’ve always wanted to take self-defense training or you’re interested in a CCW course, Elite Security Consultants is the place to visit. They offer these types of courses every month at their Canton facility. If learning how to protect yourself or properly handle a weapon is something you’d like to do, you can find links to these events with schedules and guidelines on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Plus, you can find out other ways that Elite Security is involved in the Akron and Cuyahoga Falls communities as well.

Elite Security Consultants may be the company that’s “not just bark,” but that’s just one side to this group of local security guards. When it comes to connecting to Summit County, Ohio citizens on their social media sites, you can count on having your questions and comments answered quickly by a knowledgeable staff member. So, if you want to learn about upcoming safety events, such as self-defense training, be sure to visit ESC’s website at www.ESCOhio.com, as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages. Their social media sites are a great place to visit for online security tips that you can use in your own Akron, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio neighborhood. To find out more about ESC and the services they offer, give them a call at 855.372.6446.