Elite Security Consultants Provide Akron, Ohio with Halloween Safety Tips in Their Women’s Self Defense Class

It’s October, which means Halloween is right around the corner! Even though Halloween is usually a time for celebration, costumes, and candy; it can also be a dangerous holiday for women. Knowing how to protect yourself this Halloween is essential for any woman going out. Elite Security Consultants can help provide you with some Halloween safety tips with their womens’ self defense classes.  If you are planning on heading out to Akron, Ohio; Stow, Ohio; or Summit County, Ohio this Halloween, you may want to stop by Elite Security Consultants self defense course first.

When we were kids we were always warned about the dangers of potential Halloween threats. Don’t go out alone, don’t leave with a stranger, don’t swallow anything that you aren’t sure where it came from, razor blades hiding in candy is bad. Oddly enough, all of those warnings still hold true when you are an adult. Don’t let your guard down. Remember that every creep already owns a mask, so really Halloween is their heyday. On Halloween you get to see what has been hanging in their closet all year. Halloween can be a time to celebrate and unwind but keep your eye on your belongings, which includes your drink! Protect yourself this Halloween by staying in a group. If you have decided to party alone on Halloween in a costume, that’s probably a separate conversation that should be had. Group situations are always a safer bet. Be sure to have each other’s phone numbers and contact information, in the instance that you separate from the group and check in with your group of friends at the end of the night. The girl that doesn’t always make it to the end of the horror film is always the girl that didn’t check her phone, so keep your phone on.

Take the path most often traveled. Halloween is not the time to see what Summit County woods have to offer you. If you decide to become self-sufficient on Halloween, have a safety net. You can tap into an app like StreetSafe’s “Walk With Me” but the best thing you can do is know how to properly protect yourself. Elite Security Consultants can provide you with Halloween safety tips to keep you protected. Their women’s self defense classes begin October 21st and each class costs only $20.00 to attend.  Each class is four hours long and classes begin at eight am and go until six pm. In four short hours, Elite Security can teach you how to empower yourself mentally and physically. Women of all ages are welcome and the only thing you need to bring is socks. Their staff is made up of military and second degree black belts that can teach you how to properly defend yourself against anything that comes your way.

Less clothed versions of your favorite characters, partying, and candy are really what Halloween is all about but remember in the midst of all of that to keep yourself safe. Pants were never Wonder Woman’s strong suit but she could also defend herself, so it was fine. Be smart about going out this Halloween and stop by Elite Security’s women’s self defense class before you go out. Elite Security Consultants can give you some helpful Halloween safety tips to make sure you know how to protect yourself this Halloween. Residents of Akron, Ohio; Stow, Ohio; or Summit County, Ohio can register in advance for their courses. To sign up for classes call Elite Security at 330-639-4173 or visit their website, www.escohio.com.