Elite Security Consultants Is the Parma & Cleveland, Ohio Area’s Top Local Security Company

When was the last time you happened to think about your personal or professional security needs? Perhaps it was when you locked up your office for the night and had to walk through the dark parking structure by yourself. Maybe it was when you noticed that the local security guards looked like they were the ones who needed protecting! If you haven’t taken a close look at your current security needs, now may be the time. Fortunately for those of you in the Cleveland, Ohio; Cuyahoga County, Ohio; and Parma, Ohio area, Elite Security Consultants is always available to discuss ways in which you can help protect your home or business. A highly regarded local security company (one of the finest in the area), Elite Security Consultants is serious about your safety. Whether you need armed security, mobile patrol, safety training courses, or home security installation, Elite Security Consultants can help.

Only employing those with a law enforcement or military background, Elite Security Consultants provides the most experienced professionals to ensure your safety. You certainly wouldn’t want just any security guard protecting your home or business, would you? No way! The armed security officers from Elite Security Consultants have gone through rigorous physical fitness and gun safety training. If you need an armed protection professional for any reason, choosing one from Elite Security Consultants means you are in excellent hands.

Have you been thinking about hiring a marked patrol vehicle to keep an eye out on your business? Stop thinking and give Elite Security Consultants a call! This Cleveland area security company offers mobile patrol protection for any location. An armed officer in a marked vehicle will keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and protect civilians at all costs.

Not sure about armed security guards, but know you need to install a security system? Protect your Parma or Cuyahoga County home by contacting Elite Security Consultants. This group of highly trained individuals has no problem installing the most state of the art equipment. Whether you need a motion, video, or audio security system, the ESC techs have no problem hooking it up for you.

But Elite Security Consultants isn’t just about guarding your business or placing a security system in your home. This is one security company that wants to teach you how to protect yourself too! That’s right, Elite Security Consultants also offers self defense and concealed carry weapon courses for civilians. You can feel confident that you are being trained by highly qualified professionals!

If you’re looking for a local security company that comes highly recommended by its customers, then Elite Security Consultants is the business for you! Whether you need a trained security guard for a particular event, or you’d like self defense training from a qualified armed security officer, ESC can help. If you would like more information on how to better protect yourself, your home, or your business in Cleveland, Ohio; Cuyahoga County, Ohio; or Parma, Ohio, contact Elite Security Consultants at 330.639.4173 or www.escohio.com. And while you’re at it, look them up on Facebook!