E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home Helps Cleveland, Ohio Locals Who Are Coping with Loss

The holidays are a joyous time of year for many! But for others, the holidays are a time of remembering those who are no longer with us. The compassionate staff at E.F Boyd & Son Funeral Home in East Cleveland, Ohio recognizes that coping with loss this time of year is especially difficult. While each and every member of E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home is trained to provide the sensitivity required to help a family cope with holiday grief, they are also very knowledgeable about bereavement support groups and services available in the Cleveland, Ohio and Warrensville Heights, Ohio area to help you through the holidays.

E.F. Boyd & Son would like to recognize that each and every individual grieves in a way that is unique to that person. There is no wrong or right way to grieve. In fact, you may have thought the grieving process was close to being manageable, only to have the holidays put you right back to where you started. For those in the Cleveland area coping with loss, a source that has been a model for grief since 1969 is the “Five Stages of Grief” from the book, On Death and Dying by Mary Kubler Ross.

The process of holiday grief starts with denial and isolation. Many people simply cannot accept those they love have passed. They may tend to withdrawal from society. This process is especially hard to deal with during the holidays when many well-wishers feel the need to include the mourner in all the festive seasonal events!

The second process that takes place is anger. This anger can be directed at the departed or towards those who surround the person in mourning.

The third process is bargaining. Many people feel that if they bargain with a higher power the pain will lessen.

The fourth step is depression. A state of depression can entail a state of numbness, though other emotions such as anger remain under the surface.

The final stage of grieving is acceptance. Recognizing and coping with the loss of the loved one who has passed.

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home would like to point out that even though theses stages are numbered, a person coping with loss can experience the stages in various orders. So, if your East Cleveland friend or Warrensville Heights family member is working through their holiday grief, it may not be easy to predict their feelings. As noted before, the grieving process is unique to each and every individual who has lost a loved one. This can be a difficult time of year, so take the time to look into bereavement support groups for your loved one.

E.F. Boyd & Son realizes that the grieving process is unique to each person, but that doesn’t mean that the experience hasn’t been shared by others in similar situations. E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home has a complete list of bereavement support groups listed on their website. To find a group that can help you or someone you know cope with loss, simply go to www.efboyd.com. There you will find a “Grief Support” tab that will give you a guide to area groups that can help you deal with holiday grief this season.

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