Drivers in Dover, Ohio, Repair Pothole Damage with Affordable Auto Parts from Canton Auto Salvage

by Fiona Vernon

Spring rains may make driving conditions a little tenuous, but it’s nothing like trying to maneuver ice and snow-covered roads. Sliding on slippery roads hurts the tires and suspension on every vehicle, road salt causes rust and corrosion, potholes damage everything, and the extreme temperatures of winter lend to the deterioration of automotive components. To repair the damage that has occurred to most vehicles from Canton, Ohio, to Malvern, Ohio, drivers rely on Canton Auto Salvage for a wide selection of used car parts that have warranties. It’s the perfect time of year to make it cost-effective not only with this local salvage yard’s affordable auto parts but also by using a tax refund for those car repairs. Whether someone in Dover, Ohio, has a Honda Accord that needs its suspension repaired or another in Akron, Ohio, needs affordable car or truck tires, they can use this local junkyard’s online car parts inventory. The expert and knowledgeable staff not only has years of experience that can help their clients with projects, but they also offer cash for junk cars that have reached the end of their life. Call 330.453.3888 or visit them in person for that perfect part!

Many people know that horrible thumping sound that reverberates through their car when they unexpectedly hit a pothole. Ohio is ranked 8th in the country in pothole damage to vehicles. It costs drivers about $3 billion annually at a cost of $306 for each repair. The arrival of spring is often accompanied by feelings of renewal, but drivers must also learn to navigate potholes left behind from thawing and refreezing water on road surfaces. Drivers can take a few steps to help prevent excessive damage, which include:

  • Keeping tires properly inflated.
  • A well-maintained suspension that can absorb shocks.
  • Driving more slowly when a road is littered with potholes for better reaction time. More damage is also sustained with higher speeds.
  • Avoid swerving or braking too hard to miss a pothole, which can also cause damage.

Sometimes people hit potholes even when they are most vigilant, and Canton Auto Salvage can help drivers from Malvern to Dover restore their vehicles to their former glory with an impressive selection of affordable auto parts. This local salvage yard even has an online car parts inventory so that anyone can see if their part is available. Whether someone who lives in Akron needs bushings, springs, or shock absorbers to repair their car’s suspension or another in Canton needs affordable car or truck tires, this local salvage yard has used car parts with warranties available for clients to pick and pull or have the staff pull them. If a car has barely made it through the winter and it’s deemed unsafe to keep on the road, this local junkyard also offers cash for junk cars. It’s the perfect time of year to use a tax refund for car repairs with each customer relying on Canton Auto Salvage to help them save money.

A driver in Dover, Ohio, who hit a pothole and popped their tire or damaged their wheel rim can rely on Canton Auto Salvage for affordable car or truck tires to get them back on the road safely. Another one in Canton, Ohio, whose winter driving ruined their car’s shocks and struts will find used car parts with warranties to repair their car’s suspension at this local junkyard. Repairing pothole damage is cost-effective when either professional or backyard mechanics look to this local salvage yard for affordable auto parts. They can even check their inventory online or give them a call at 330.453.3888. Whether someone in Akron, Ohio, needs cash for their junk car or another in Malvern, Ohio, wants to use their tax refund for car repairs, Canton Auto Salvage provides superior products and service.

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