Drivers in Concord, North Carolina, can Find a Custom Built 4L80E at Gearstar Performance Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

The goal for many gearheads is more horsepower for better performance. One horsepower translates to the ability to move 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute, but that’s an inefficient unit of measurement since cars never weigh 16.5 tons. The amount of horsepower that an engine produces is measured on a dynamometer but must measure torque first then convert it to horsepower using a formula. It’s further complicated by the fact that torque and horsepower change with the RPMs. The problem with adding more horsepower is that it adds pressure to the rest of the driveline, meaning the choice of the transmission for each situation is crucial. Anyone from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama, who is looking for a high-performance automatic transmission that will work with almost any power level and engine combination can find a custom built 4L80E at Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This hot rod transmission company uses only the best quality American-made parts to build each Mopar, Ford, and GM performance transmission to the exact specifications from start to finish by one of the industry’s top technicians. Car enthusiasts from Concord, North Carolina, to Cincinnati, Ohio, looking for a company who knows that they are being trusted with someone’s baby can rely on the decades of experience found at Gearstar Performance Transmissions!

Many people think that the more horsepower a car possesses, the faster it will be, but it isn’t that simple. Different variables create the amount of horsepower — including engine bore, stroke, camshaft profile, compression ratio, and intake and exhaust design — and is determined by the manufacturer depending on performance needs. None of this translates to feeling the power, because what someone feels when they step on the gas is the torque. The power of the engines is sent to the wheels through the transmission and torque converter. Gearstar Performance Transmissions custom builds high performance GM, Ford, and Mopar automatic transmissions. Whether someone in Concord has a Chevy Silverado that needs a GM performance transmission or an individual in Birmingham wants power behind their 3500 Dually with a Vortec 454, this hot rod transmission company will custom build a 4L80E to the exact specifications of any vehicle.

The 4L80E is similar to the TH400, which was the last holdout of the old-school automatics without a lock-up torque converter or overdrive. With GM needing a heavy-duty automatic overdrive performance transmission, the 4L80E was brought into fruition and became the preferred transmission of the era with big block gas and diesel engines of the 1990s. The need for electronic control was a concern with the 4L80E, as it requires a controller; however, some drivers love that they can reprogram and adjust the display as they please. They can control shift points, shift pressures, torque converter lockup, and overdrive — offering complete control with endless possibilities. The standard 4L80E is controlled by a PWM lockup solenoid for smooth lockup action; however, many performance enthusiasts would rather run it as a simple on-off solenoid. Gearstar Performance Transmissions excels at custom rebuilt transmissions that boast accommodating to the exact specifications that are required by any owner from Chattanooga to Cincinnati.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions knows that rebuilding a vehicle isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. They put the same amount of love into each project for which they are commissioned, including all GM, Ford, and Mopar performance transmissions for anyone from Concord, North Carolina, to Chattanooga, Tennessee. When wanting to efficiently transfer the horsepower from the engine to the wheels, this hot rod transmission company custom builds high performance automatic transmissions to accommodate the needs of any stock or modified vehicle. Anyone from Birmingham, Alabama, to Cincinnati, Ohio, will find the perfect solution for their heavy-duty needs that can handle up to 800 horsepower in the 4L80E from Gearstar. The most discerning driver will be thrilled after one conversation with their expert technicians!

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