Drivers in Akron, Ohio, Can Count on AJ’s Transmissions for Affordable Transmission Repair and Replacement

By Fiona Vernon

An individual is driving down a Medina, Ohio, road and suddenly the engine is revving at higher RPM’s than necessary. They realize their car must be in neutral, quickly grasping that the gears are slipping. They get it back into gear and notice that the check transmission light is illuminated on the dashboard. Transmissions present a variety of symptoms when they need repaired or replaced, and AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, can fix any vehicle whose transmission is showing signs of wear — including foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs, high-performance racing cars, 4x4s, diesel trucks, and much more. If someone’s car vibrates while they are driving, they notice hesitation, the check engine light is on, or they notice transmission fluid is leaking, this local transmission shop is close to New Philadelphia, Ohio, and Dover, Ohio, and specializes in affordable transmission repair, replacement, and remanufacturing, CV axle repair and replacement, and will do everything necessary to help keep their customer safe and on the road!

There are many common transmission problems for which AJ’s Transmissions offers free diagnosing and estimates. Anyone from New Philadelphia to Medina who notices that their car vibrates while they are driving it, or the gears are slipping, may require affordable transmission remanufacturing, repair, or replacement, for which this local transmission shop offers two different kinds of financing to ease the pain of an unexpected expense.  A vehicle’s axle, CV joint, and driveshaft components torque from transmissions to the drive wheels, so any clunking, clicking, vibrations, or steering problems may require a CV axle repair or replacement. It doesn’t cost anything for that driver noticing transmission fluid leaking to bring their car to AJ’s Transmissions for a free diagnosis so that they can correct any issue that has presented itself.

Additional common transmission problems for which anyone from Dover and beyond may need to call this local transmission shop are suddenly feeling their car hesitating or noticing a burning smell, with the check transmission or engine light coming on shortly after.  Anyone can be sure they are receiving the best customer service in the entire Akron area at AJ’S Transmissions. They are a family-run business and treat everyone like their own friends and loved ones, especially with their upfront pricing. They know that it can be difficult to pay for an unexpected car repair, so they do their very best to help everyone who walks through their door with multiple forms of financing. They offer over 25 years’ experience, whether it’s affordable transmission rebuild, repair, remanufacture, or replacement, or tackling the toughest job that no one else will touch. Their experience, trustworthiness, and membership in ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) has put them at the forefront of the transmission industry — from foreign and domestic to fleet vehicles and passenger cars.

Feeling car hesitation or noticing the transmission fluid leaking in the garage can instantaneously cause someone anxiety; however, calling AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, can put anyone at ease with two different kinds of financing on already affordable transmission remanufacturing, repair, and replacement. Regardless if someone has a diesel truck in New Philadelphia, Ohio, needing a CV axle repair or replacement or a passenger car in Dover, Ohio, that vibrates while driving, each person will be more than satisfied at the affordability and accommodating nature of this local transmission shop. AJ’s Transmissions offers free estimates and diagnosing to anyone from Medina, Ohio, and beyond, whether it’s a check engine light, check transmission light, or a car’s gears are slipping. Anyone who has depended upon AJ’s Transmissions’ extensive experience in the past can attest to the fact that they are the best!

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