Dover, Ohio Residents Can Obtain Water Softener Installation from Bell Plumbing

By Gemma Chriss

For many homeowners throughout the New Philadelphia, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; and Uhrichsville, Ohio areas, finding an effective hard water treatment is of the utmost importance. Hard water can result in a number of problems, including streaky dishes, damaged appliances, and clogged pipes. To prevent such issues from occurring, experts typically recommend adding a water softening or conditioning system to the home. Since water softener/conditioner installation can be a difficult task depending on which option is chosen, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional with a strong background in residential plumbing service. Fortunately for local residents, Bell Plumbing is happy to assist individuals who are experiencing problems with their water.

When Bell Plumbing is contacted by a homeowner in need of hard water treatment, they usually start off by explaining the difference between a water softening system and a water conditioning system. Salt-based softeners work by switching out the minerals that cause hard water (magnesium and calcium) with sodium ions. Since the minerals are completely removed, the result is water that doesn’t cause skin dryness or scale buildup. Most people with extremely hard water prefer water softener installation because it produces the “slick” feeling that we associate with being clean. Water conditioning systems, on the other hand, don’t actually remove any minerals from the water. Instead, these salt-free conditioners create hardness crystals so the minerals don’t adhere to surfaces. Those who opt to purchase a conditioner can also look forward to a reduction in soap usage and brighter laundry.

Individuals throughout the Dover, Uhrichsville, and New Philadelphia areas in need of hard water treatment can take advantage of Bell Plumbing’s expertise when it comes to residential plumbing service. The technicians at Bell are knowledgeable about the various water softening and conditioning systems on the market, so they’re able to offer recommendations whenever necessary. For those who don’t mind the extra soap suds, water softener installation is a good choice as it removes all the problem-causing minerals. However, Bell Plumbing may suggest water conditioner installation to those who are worried about the increased salt content of their drinking water.

Since purchasing a water softening or conditioning system means making an investment in one’s home, it helps to get the input of a professional with experience in residential plumbing service. That’s why Bell Plumbing is happy to schedule consultations with homeowners throughout New Philadelphia, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; Uhrichsville, Ohio; and beyond. These technicians take the time to learn about clients so they can recommend the best hard water treatment for each individual’s budget and needs. Those wanting to learn more about water softener and/or conditioner installation can visit or contact Bell Plumbing directly at 330.705.0267.

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