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Do you remember that old swing set that used to sit in your backyard when you were a kid? Do you remember how much fun you had swinging, jumping, and sliding on it with your loved ones every day? These are the kinds of memories that we all cherish—being young and enjoying the simple things. So, why wouldn’t you want to make the same fun family memories with your own child? Especially since the play equipment available today is much safer and even more entertaining for little ones! Wayside Lawn Structures in Columbiana, Ohio provides families with quality wooden playsets from Play Mor Swing Sets. And these Amish-made playsets are just what you need in your Canfield, Ohio or Boardman, Ohio backyard to bring a lifetime of laughs into your home! Not only can you expect your loved ones to have a wonderful time playing on such equipment, but you will feel confident that these long-lasting swing sets have the structural strength to stay around so your grandchildren (and maybe even great-grandchildren) can have a turn as well. Why not see what this Salem, Ohio area establishment can offer you from their Play Mor Swing Sets line, made right here in the U.S.A?

Wayside Lawn Structures in Columbiana has been serving the tri-state area of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia since 2002. And since they began their business, they’ve been working to help those in the Salem area and beyond with choosing the outdoor structures and accents that are right for them. And that includes their line of quality wooden playsets that are made in the U.S.A. by Play Mor Swing Sets! Family is very important to the staff at Wayside Lawn Structures, which is why they offer only the very best Amish-made playsets from Play Mor. They know that these long-lasting swing sets provide excellent structural strength through superior craftsmanship and top-quality materials. You’ll never have to worry about your child when they play on your new outdoor equipment, as they are built with safety in mind.

By giving your loved ones the opportunity to play on one of these quality wooden playsets, you can help provide them with the same joy you had as a child. Wayside Lawn Structures has a complete line of Play Mor Swing Sets products, so you will be able to choose the set that best fits your Canfield or Boardman yard. Once you’ve looked through Wayside’s selection, you can decide on one of the Freestanding Swing Set Series, Watch Tower Series, Summit Tower Series, Deluxe Watch Tower Series, Deluxe Sky Tower Series, King’s Tower Series, Unlimited Towers Series, Baby Yacht Series, Youngster’s Yacht Series, Dream Castle Series, or Happy Landing Harbor Set. Each one of the Play Mor products offers children the chance to create their own unique adventure!

If you want to create fun family memories with your own children, Wayside Lawn Structures can help. Not only do they offer the complete line of Play Mor Swing Sets products, but they also make it easy and affordable. They even assist customers with putting the sets together! Just ask one of the Wayside associates about their free local delivery and installation service when you purchase your new set.

Now is the perfect time to bring your cherished memories from the past into the present. And Wayside Lawn Structures can help by installing one of their Play Mor quality wooden playsets in your Canfield, Ohio or Boardman, Ohio backyard. These Amish-made swing sets are not only an attractive and affordable option for any home, but you can count on them being safe for your children. Just visit to find out more detailed information about the long-lasting swing sets this distributor offers. Chances are that you will be impressed by the structural strength that each set has! And you’ll be pleased to purchase a product that was made right here in the U.S.A. To start creating fun family memories with your loved ones, give this Salem, Ohio area establishment a call at 800.896.4940 or visit You can even stop over to their facility at 1112 State Rte 14 in Columbiana, Ohio to view their selection in person. The Wayside Lawn Structures staff will be happy to show you around their lot!