Concerned about Your Child’s Safety and Education? Consider QDA as an Alternative to Your Medina, Ohio School

Parents of children who attend public school tend to have more concerns regarding child safety and education than those who have enrolled their children in private schools. However, even those belonging to the latter group still worry about the wellbeing of their children when they’re away from home. Finding a safe school near your Medina, Ohio; Strongsville, Ohio; or Brunswick, Ohio residence can be difficult, but finding one that also goes above and beyond to ensure your child gets the best education may seem impossible. That’s why many parents in the area have turned to alternative schooling methods, such as online school. Since QDA addresses many of the issues that parents have about sending their children off to school, it’s become one of the most popular options for those in need of something different.

Perhaps the biggest issue that parents face today is the matter of child safety. When you say goodbye to your child in the morning before sending him/her off to public school in Medina, Strongsville, or Brunswick, you’re placing your trust in that establishment to watch over your son or daughter. Though many people have faith in public schools, others believe there are too many risks to child safety. Bullying, student violence, natural disasters, playground dangers, and bus transportation are just a few of the threats that make some parents nervous. In order to avoid some of these hazards, people try to look for safe schools near their homes. But what happens if there isn’t a learning institution in your area that meets your standards? What if your child just doesn’t feel comfortable at any nearby school? In that case, you may want to look at some of the alternative schooling options that are available to you, such as online school.

Since online schools like QDA are completely computer based, outside threats aren’t a factor. By taking advantage of the digital programs offered by QDA, your child will be able to complete grades k-12 without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home for 8 hours a day. Plus, there’s the fact that while you may also worry about whether your child is getting the proper education at a traditional public school, QDA leaves no doubt that students are able to receive high-quality instruction from qualified teachers.

Though the format of QDA allows students to become more independent when it comes to their education, no child is left without the means to succeed. Not only is technology provided to new students, but each child enrolled in QDA is assigned an Instructional Supervisor who monitors their progress. And to top it all off, students are able to create their own class schedules while still following a state-approved curriculum.

If child safety and educational concerns have left you searching for safe schools near your Medina, Ohio; Strongsville, Ohio; or Brunswick, Ohio home, you may want to go in a different direction. As an online public school, QDA offers a great method of alternative schooling while still providing your child with a number of opportunities. To learn more about enrolling your child this fall, visit or call 1.866.968.7032.

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