Come Check out the Affordable Number Bed Options at North Coast Bedding in Canton, Ohio

We all know that comfortable sleep is important when trying to get restful sleep. It’s easy enough to go to a mattress retailer and purchase a mattress for yourself, because you know what your sleep preferences are. What about couples? North Coast Bedding, a local mattress store in Canton, Ohio, can recommend a perfect mattress for couples – the digital sleep air bed from Boyd Specialty Sleep brand mattresses. Not only is this mattress a very affordable number bed option, its brand is backed by years of loyal and happy customers. People are willing to travel much farther than from Louisville, Ohio and Alliance, Ohio to purchase these mattresses! Even if you’re right up the street in North Canton, Ohio, you need to stop into North Coast Bedding to see these mattresses for yourself.

The perfect mattress for couples? Sure, you might feel a little skeptical, but Boyd Specialty Sleep brand mattresses have been around since 1977. While some mattress companies spend big money on advertising their products, Boyd allows their quality mattresses to speak for themselves. This is why North Coast Bedding is a proud carrier of Boyd mattresses in their local mattress store. These mattresses make up a part of their large selection of affordable mattress options, in addition to being an affordable number bed option. Prospective mattress buyers are happy to drive in from Louisville just to try out these mattresses.

Boyd’s digital sleep air bed is a perfect mattress for couples because of the capabilities that the mattress has in terms of independently adjusting the firmness on one side of the bed. Each person can choose their desired amount of firmness with the touch of small control. In addition to the independently adjusted sides, this particular Boyd mattress does a lot in the way of cushioning your body, reducing pressure points. This is due to the air chambers inside of the mattress that allow for the adjusted firmness. As the friendly associates at North Coast Bedding know, reduced pressure points lead to less back pain, less tossing and turning, and more restful sleep.

Of course, Canton’s own North Coast Bedding gladly carries these mattresses because of their comfort, but also because of their affordability. You may have seen commercials for a more commercial brand of number beds, but the prices for those mattresses are quite expensive. Because this mattress retailer works hard to carry plenty of affordable mattress options for their customers from the surrounding areas like North Canton and Alliance, they love this mattress because it is an affordable number bed option. The Boyd digital sleep air bed is nearly the same as the more commercial brand’s version, just much more affordable.

It’s obvious that this local mattress store works hard to make sure customers from North Canton, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; and Alliance, Ohio and other neighboring towns have plenty of affordable mattress options that are high quality. Perhaps you’ve decided that you’d like to see for yourself how this mattress is the perfect mattress for couples. For more information about this mattress retailer, you can visit North Coast Bedding’s new website at To learn more about Boyd Specialty Sleep brand mattresses and their affordable number bed, you can call 330.494.8585, or visit North Coast Bedding in person. Come and see for yourself how the digital sleep air bed can help you sleep better.

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