Collectors in Summit County, Ohio, Love Estate, Antique & Vintage Diamonds & Jewelry Auctions at Cevasco Jewelers

By Fiona Vernon

Collecting something valuable is a reward within itself … being able to observe each piece’s unique beauty and learn about its history leads to great personal satisfaction. Whether a novice in Hudson, Ohio, loves the sparkle of gems or a jewelry enthusiast in Stow, Ohio, has built a substantial assortment of baubles over the years, Cevasco Jewelers believes that beginners and experts alike should have the same information available to them. This trusted jeweler evens the playing field by educating each person who walks through their doors on custom designed, trendy new, and vintage jewelry and diamonds. They are also proud to offer relaxing evenings out with great deals on estate and antique diamonds and jewelry at their amazing auctions. In addition to adding to one’s own collection, it’s the perfect time of year to add to a loved one’s repertoire with custom designed pendants, diamond stud earrings, and unique necklaces that serve as perfect Valentine’s Day presents. Everyone from Summit County, Ohio, to Portage County, Ohio, looking for a local jewelry store with the best prices will return time and again to Cevasco Jewelers.

It sounds unsavory to refer to anything beautiful as used or pre-owned, so older jewelry is defined as either antique, estate, or vintage. Anything that isn’t brand new is considered estate jewelry and diamonds, whether it was purchased four days or four years ago. Vintage jewelry and diamonds are at least 20 to 30 years old, and encompasses the products made during an era when jewelry was mass produced in the 1990s. Antique jewelry and diamonds refers to pieces being approximately 100 years old. Individuals in Stow and all Summit County looking for exciting and stress-free jewelry auctions will appreciate an evening out at Cevasco Jewelers. Throughout the year, this local jewelry store hosts auctions with fun times, wine and finger foods, and an honest auctioneer who never confuses someone raising their hand to scratch their nose with wanting to bid on an exquisite piece of jewelry.  This trusted jeweler also offers awesome buys at 50 to 70 percent off the retail prices of trendy new jewelry, including custom designs.

Not only does Cevasco Jewelers offer fun nights out with family and friends, but they also provide the best jewelry prices for those in Hudson and all Portage County who are looking for the ideal Valentine’s Day presents. This trusted jeweler takes pride in the fact that their experts listen to the ideas of each client to create a distinctive custom designed piece, from diamond stud earrings to unique necklaces and pendants. They specialize in traditional and natural color diamonds in every shape, size, and color at or below internet prices, dealing directly with diamond cutters to avoid extra costs. Their natural color gemstones range from ordinary to extraordinary, providing high-quality jewelry and other unique gifts that will become heirlooms for generations to come. Cevasco Jewelers satisfies every level of collecting while enabling them to make informed and confident decisions.

Whether someone in Summit County, Ohio, is looking for a unique, custom designed pendant for a necklace or another in Hudson, Ohio, wants to bestow diamond stud earrings on their beloved as a Valentine’s Day present, Cevasco Jewelers offers the best jewelry prices on everything — including custom designed, trendy new, and vintage jewelry. This local jewelry store provides wonderful evenings that relieve daily stress by hosting auctions with great deals on estate and antique diamonds and jewelry that will please even the most discerning of tastes and levels of knowledge. Everyone from Stow, Ohio, to Portage County, Ohio, looking for a trusted jeweler that excels at everything from vintage diamonds to custom designs will love the integrity and comfort they find at Cevasco Jewelers.
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