Cleveland, Ohio, Trusts DreamDecks to Improve Their Outdoor Living Space with Wood & Composite Decks

By Fiona Vernon

Homeowners who have remained home so that they are safe from the effects of COVID-19 have come up with creative ideas to get their home ready for the warm weather now that spring has arrived. Someone in Wooded Acres, Tennessee, working from home this whole time may want to have a screen room that can double as a home office, while another in Woodfield Park, Tennessee, wants to improve their outdoor living space with stamped concrete leading to a pergola. One call to DreamDecks can make their dreams a reality. Whether someone wants to know how to best invest their stimulus check or income tax refund, this full-service construction company offers everything from patio and gazebo design and construction to the building of wood and composite decks. This custom deck builder will arrive at their clients’ house and give free deck estimates in addition to a consultation for ideas that are not just traditional single wood decks, but also alternatives in materials and styles. Everyone from Medina, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, will love the superior service behind each project from DreamDecks.

Warm weather typically motivates people to get out of the house. Homeowners from Woodfield Park to Medina who want to make this the year that they improve their outdoor living space so that they can enjoy a soothing atmosphere anytime they desire can rely on the 40 combined years of experience behind the team of DreamDecks. Sometimes it is better to call in the professionals and this is one of those times, and they start the process with free deck estimates. This custom deck builder sincerely listens to each customer, plugging the specifications into their basic design layout software so that they can see the color options and decking selection before the project even begins. They also take it to the next level with full scale 3D designing to see the differences between building curved and straight, single and multi-level, and wood or composite decking.

When someone would like the durability of wood deck alternatives, they build their composite decks with industry-leading products. Their lifespan is typically double that of wood and are low maintenance, meaning they do not require annual pressure washing and staining. Each wood deck is still built well with pressure treated lumber and are accompanied by lifetime warranty of the vinyl rails. DreamDecks is also a full-service construction company that can not only help someone in Cleveland decide between gazebo and pergola construction, but they can also help another person in Wooded Acres decide if they would rather plan patio design and construction or build a screen room for a home office. For the person who simply wants to create a more pleasing atmosphere, they also offer stamped concrete for walkways. Call DreamDecks when you want ideas on how to best invest a stimulus check or income tax refund.

Finding a full-service construction company is no small feat for those who do not need their services very often. Homeowners from Medina, Ohio, to Wooded Acres, Tennessee, repeatedly seek out the services of DreamDecks for everything from building a wood deck or its alternative in a composite deck and screen rooms for home offices to patio, gazebo, and pergola design and construction. Want stamped concrete to decorate a beautiful backyard? They do that, too! This custom deck builder starts projects with free estimates and progresses to design layout so that the plan is set before the project even begins. Individuals from Cleveland, Ohio, to Woodfield Park, Tennessee, who want to know how to best invest their stimulus check or income tax refund can trust DreamDecks to improve their outdoor living space.

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