Choose Kinsinger Electric for All Service Upgrades and Electrical Projects in Summit County, Ohio!

In the Summit County, Ohio, Portage County, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio areas summer projects are in full swing.  Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bath, or overseeing a new home build, a certified electrician should be left to the wiring.  At Kinsinger Electric, you’ll find the professionals you need to perform re-connect inspection, re-wire, service upgrades and every necessary electrical project in your remodel or new build.  Serving the Akron area community for almost a decade, Kinsinger Electric has become one of the area’s most well-known local electrical contractors.  Their website at has much of the information you will need to help you decide that their customer satisfaction makes them the best.  Visit the page today, or check out their Facebook page at in order to see more about the service they have to offer!

One thing that will rain on your parade is all this rain we have been having around Stark County and Portage County.  If because of rough weather a power line has come down or an outlet has become damaged, don’t hesitate to call the certified electricians at Kinsinger Electric.  They are always open—yes, you read that correctly: always open to handle your electrical project!  Who better to call when the rare but scary electrical emergency arises than a company that you can rely on to be available and offer fast service.  Not only that, but quotes are free and can be requested any way you choose (email, phone call, etc.) so you can rest assured that your electrical emergency won’t take up a lot of time or money.

Another helpful aspect of the Kinsinger Electric website is that it displays their license number plainly and has links to follow for permits needed around the Summit County area for any work you may be having them complete. The information is readily available on the web before you even make the call to their business. This shows that Kinsinger Electric is prepared for your call or email and thorough in their work.  There are far too many codes and procedures that need to be adhered to when it comes to re-connect inspection, re-wire, service upgrades and the like.  Expect the job to be done right the first time by Kinsinger Electric and save your budget from DIY mistakes.

Kinsinger Electric has been serving the Summit County, Ohio; Stark County, Ohio; and Portage County, Ohio areas for over 10 years.  The certified electricians offer free quotes for any service you suspect you need and will advise you in the best way to eliminate an electrical emergency.  They are always available with 24 hour service for your residential or commercial electrical project needs!  When there are no emergencies and your project is more planned, Kinsinger Electric will perform your re-connect inspection, re-wire, and service upgrades.  Call them today at 330.785.3473 or visit them on the web at for the best in electrical service!

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