Cevasco Jewelers Offers the Best Jewelry Prices on Fancy Colored Diamonds & Refurbishment for Uniontown, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

The jewelry world comes with its own language, and buying fine jewelry isn’t like anything else. When anyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Silver Lake, Ohio, is wondering how to choose a trusted jeweler, there are key questions that can be asked to establish their merit. Whether someone in love is in search of the perfect fancy colored diamond engagement ring or an individual finds themselves in need of jewelry refurbishment, Cevasco Jewelers offers the best jewelry prices on custom wedding ring sets, natural colored diamonds, jewelry repair services, loose diamonds, and expertly custom designed jewelry pieces. This local jewelry store can match anyone from Chapel Hill, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio, with their exact desires when they are searching for jewelry for special occasions or simply everyday wear!

It is sometimes difficult learning how to choose a trusted jeweler. Jewelers should meet the basic criteria before someone even proceeds to view their products. People from Chapel Hill to Silver Lake typically only invest in major jewelry purchases a few times throughout their lives, so they must question how long the person they are looking to consult with has been around and if they will be there in the future. Cevasco Jewelers is a family owned local jewelry store that has been serving families for 90 years, so customers can be sure that generations have been trusting them and that they will even be around for their children’s needs. Diane Wenum testifies to their longevity:

“My Father bought my Mother’s engagement ring at Cevasco Jewelers in 1951! They were married in March 1952 and are still going strong!”

Does the jeweler listen to their client’s needs? Cathy Cevasco sits with each person, whether their grandparents visited throughout the years or they are new to the area, creating custom 3D designs with a collaboration of ideas from the parties involved. It would behoove individuals to choose a business that offers a wide selection of exquisite pieces and a vast array of services. Cevasco Jewelers meets this requirement with one of the biggest inventories in Northeast Ohio, as well as excelling at every service from custom designed jewelry, refurbishment and repair services, loose diamonds, and estate and vintage pieces.  Deanna Herrington was:

“Very pleased with complete rejuvenation of my wedding ring. A lovely store and efficient and helpful assistance.”

Another great quality of a trusted jeweler is that they don’t mind educating their clients on the verbiage used to pick out jewelry for special occasions or everyday wear. Whether a bride in Uniontown is looking for a custom wedding ring set to match her diamond engagement ring with fancy colored diamonds or a mom of three in North Canton is looking for the best jewelry prices, Cevasco Jewelers has a wide selection of adornments at prices that cannot be beat. 12 colors exist in the spectrum of natural colored diamonds — yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, brown, violet, gray, purple, fancy black, fancy white, and the rarest being red. This local jewelry store is so well renowned amongst vendors that they can pick and choose the highest quality loose diamonds, gemstones, and pieces at prices that are unrivaled. They encompass everything that a trusted jeweler should be, and Jerry Curry had this to say:

“My experience with this charming, family owned business started with a referral by my high school best friend’s mother. I wanted to propose to my girlfriend in two weeks for New Year’s Eve and was scared a jeweler wouldn’t be able to make my deadline, much less get me a good product.

I must say I was wrong. The Cevasco crew sold me a beautiful diamond at an untouchable price (as later quoted by another jeweler when I was looking for a ring to mount the diamond in).

They were patient with me, gave me an amazing price, and even mounted and appraised the diamond into the ring I bought elsewhere. It’s family owned and they’ll treat you like family when you go see them. Thanks guys! She said yes by the way and LOVES the ring!”

Meeting the demands of their clients and treating them like family is exactly what makes family-owned and run Cevasco Jewelers the best local jewelry store from Silver Lake, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio. They not only excel at custom designed jewelry, like wedding ring sets and diamond engagement rings, but they also provide loose or set natural color diamonds for special occasions or everyday wear at the best prices. Their 90-years of providing consults on 3D designs, as well as jewelry repair and refurbishment services, has kept generation after generation returning to them to complete the memorable moments of their lives. When anyone from Chapel Hill, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, wonders how to choose a trusted jeweler for everything from fancy colored diamonds to vintage jewelry, Cevasco Jewelers meets every requirement and will immediately make anyone who enters their establishment feel welcome.
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