Carwash Boilers, Inc. Offers Off-Site Control of Car Wash Systems for Aurora, Ohio Facilities

Having a car wash system in place to regulate your facility’s equipment is necessary for any car wash owner or operator. However, that’s not to say that a traditional system is your only option, nor does it mean it’s your best choice. In fact, having off-site control can prove to be an excellent alternative for busy car wash operators in the Chagrin Falls, Ohio and Bainbridge, Ohio areas. Carwash Boilers, Inc. has recently developed a new means of water and floor heating control for car wash facilities. Using this new technology, you can easily monitor and adjust your boilers, pumps, and floor heaters from a separate location in Aurora, Ohio.

Labeled as the next generation of control system, Carwash Boilers, Inc.’s new car wash system has a number of different options for car wash operators throughout Chagrin Falls and Bainbridge who are searching for convenience. Designed and manufactured by Carwash Boilers, Inc.’s experienced team, this cutting-edge technology allows operators to monitor boilers, pumps, and floor heaters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Carwash Boilers’ new control product possesses fully-integrated Web-based access, allowing off-site control of the entire facility. Rather than having to rely on traditional thermostats, you can easily run your system from a separate, compact thermostat unit. The unit comes complete with advanced touch screen controls as well.

The car wash system developed by Carwash Boilers is also capable of being hooked up to any desktop computer on location. A simple Ethernet cable hook-up gives operators total control of the equipment from a distance, allowing them to monitor and change equipment settings without having to do so by hand.

Since operators around the Aurora area are unable to supervise their facilities every minute of the day, this car wash system from Carwash Boilers is an excellent option for busy car wash operators on the go. By using a Web Interface box, you can take advantage of the off-site control and check your system anytime, anywhere. As long as Web access is available, you can control set points, monitor your water and floor heating controls, and even turn specific zones on or off.

Not only is Carwash Boilers, Inc.’s new system extremely convenient, it can also help to save on costs as it provides greater control of your facility’s heating and water usage.

To learn more about this car wash system from Carwash Boilers, and how it allows for complete water and floor heating control off-site, visit This new system can completely change the way your Chagrin Falls, Ohio or Bainbridge, Ohio facility runs, so make sure to do some research into its function. Give Carwash Boilers, Inc. a call at 888.316.8514 to talk to a knowledgeable team member about this system and how you can have off-site control of your Aurora, Ohio area car wash.