Canton Auto Salvage Helps Dover, Ohio, Keep Cars Running Through Winter with Affordable Tires & Batteries

by Fiona Vernon

Winter has arrived in all its glory with the constant promise of snow in the air. Most people love a white Christmas, but what doesn’t appreciate all the snow is the car sitting in the driveway. Extreme cold temperatures make water sitting in different parts of a vehicle expand when it freezes, and when it thaws, it can cause costly damage. Drivers from Dover, Ohio, to Perry Heights, Ohio, can rely on Canton Auto Salvage to provide affordable auto parts to keep their cars running through the winter. There are so many benefits to working with this local junkyard, such as an online car parts inventory regardless if there’s need of a radiator, wiper motor, vast knowledge, or the ability to get cash for junk cars. Whether someone in Mapleton, Ohio, needs an affordable vehicle battery because theirs died or another in Medina, Ohio, is looking for truck or car tires for winter driving, this local salvage yard is the place to go. Call Canton Auto Salvage at 330.453.3888 or visit them in person!

People form a relationship with their vehicles. They provide their owners with safe and reliable transportation as long as they’re kept well maintained. There are numerous tips that will keep a car running smoothly throughout the harsh winters that are common in communities from Perry Heights to Mapleton — including warming the engine for a few minutes to help oil circulate to every part and keeping it insulated by parking it in a garage or away from inclement weather, if possible. Cold temperatures can thicken engine oil, which increases friction between mechanical components. The car will then work harder just to start.

There is always the possibility of an unexpected breakdown or loss of charge in the battery, so keeping jumper cables in the trunk can prevent being stuck on the side of a dark road. Cold temperatures slow the chemical reactions between the sulfuric acid and lead in batteries, causing it to lose about 35% of its strength at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 60% at zero degrees. Additionally, it won’t recharge as well. When someone needs an affordable battery for their vehicle, Canton Auto Salvage has a wide selection of vehicles from which they can choose. This means the possibility of a match is high, and they can even check for themselves at their online car parts inventory.

Another way that the cold can damage a vehicle is if there is condensation in the gas tank. This occurs when it’s nearly empty. The condensation can freeze inside the tank and fuel lines, causing a blockage that prevents gas from getting to the engine. A winter-specific antifreeze formula will help prevent cracks and leaks in the radiator by keeping parts from freezing, but if someone runs into that situation, this local junkyard stocks a vast array of affordable radiators. Another issue is caused by the many drivers who use their wipers to remove ice and snow from the windshield on the mornings when they don’t want to scrape them. This can put strain on the motor, shortening their lifespan. When it no longer works, Canton Auto Salvage has affordable wiper motors.

What keeps the car securely on the road? Tires! Drivers don’t always consider how the cold affects air pressure. Tires lose about one pound of pressure per square inch for every decline of five degrees, causing unnecessary wear and reduced traction when you need it most. Canton Auto Salvage even has affordable truck and car tires that will last through winter and beyond. In addition to affordable pre-owned car parts, they provide cash for junk cars. It doesn’t matter whether someone in Medina has a car sitting in the driveway that hasn’t started for two years or another in Dover needs extra cash for the holiday season, this local salvage yard helps their clients by getting it out of the way while increasing their inventory selection.

Working with Canton Auto Salvage is easy with affordable auto parts that include truck and car tires for winter, batteries, wiper motors, fuel lines, radiators, and so much more. This local junkyard helps drivers from Mapleton, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, keep their cars running efficiently throughout the winter and every season thereafter with their pre-owned car parts that anyone can look up in the online car parts inventory. This local salvage yard helps clients from Medina, Ohio, to Perry Heights, Ohio, whether they need cash for a junk car or help repairing a common winter car issue. Visit them in person or call 330.453.3888.

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