Canfield, Ohio, Finds Interior Window Treatments & Décor with Luxury Fabrics at Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery

By Fiona Vernon

Owning a home or business is the American dream and tailoring that space to accommodate each person’s level of comfort can be an exciting process. The key to creating a personal space that reflects one’s personality is to find someone who is passionate and insightful about their custom designed interior and exterior décor. Home and business owners from Austintown, Ohio, to Canfield, Ohio, need look no further than Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery for residential and commercial window treatments, furniture, interior upholstery, vehicle upholstery, outdoor awnings, and any other custom interior design that an imagination can bring to life. This local design store uses an endless combination of fine luxury fabrics, metals, and wood to bring each concept to fruition that creates the environment perfect to each unique lifestyle. Whether a single mom is looking for window draperies, blinds, or wall coverings for her new home in Boardman, Ohio, or an entrepreneur in Youngstown, Ohio, would like reupholstery to upgrade their office furniture, Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery (330.333.3314) will exceed every expectation.

Whether someone has been in their Canfield home for 25 years and is looking forward to redecorating it to better suit their current lifestyle or an individual recently became a new homeowner in Boardman and is excited about the prospect of creating their own space, Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery is passionate about finding exactly what will satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. This local design store not only carries a vast selection residential furniture — including tables, chairs, lighting, window treatments, like draperies and blinds, and wall coverings — they do so with the only concern being the happiness of their clients. If they cannot find the perfect piece, they will design and build it themselves, since they specialize in exquisite custom designed interior and exterior décor with luxury fabrics, natural fibers, textiles, and vision.

Not only can homeowners from Youngstown to Austintown rely on Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery for interior residential upholstery, but businesses also count on them for commercial furniture and outdoor awnings. Entrepreneurs  don’t always have the budget to redesign entire areas and will find peace of mind in knowing that this local design store’s expertise allows them to reupholster any existing piece that will tie everything together while rising to the level of art and giving any room a fresh, new look. Yanni found his passion at the age of four, helping in his uncle’s body shop. After learning to sew, his first venture was reupholstering a leather seat for a scooter. He continued learning throughout the years, passionate about every creative detail, from performing vehicle upholstery to custom designed exterior and interior decor. His natural artistic abilities and family support allowed him to open Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery, a blend of inspiration and European feel with one-of-a-kind designs, matching the limitlessness of imagination.

Individuals from Austintown, Ohio, to Boardman, Ohio, can either peruse the showroom of Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery or they can bring their imagination and ideas to consult with the artistic mind behind this local design store for unique custom designed residential and commercial interior and exterior furniture, upholstery, and décor. They offer an endless combination of metals, woods, and luxury fabrics for window treatments, such as draperies and blinds, wall coverings, and reupholstery, to match every distinctive idea displaying what custom interior design should be. They even cater to car enthusiasts with their expertise in vehicle upholstery. Regardless of each client’s level of experience in decorating, individuals from Canfield, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, trust the artistry of Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery to perfectly set the tone with their knowledge of colors, fabrics, and hand-picked designs, while keeping the space’s purpose in mind. Visit today!

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