Canal Fulton Glassworks in Stark County, Ohio Can Help You Make a Personal Valentine’s Day Gift for Someone Special

There are a few times a year that couples have a day designated just for them. With Valentine’s Day coming up, consider creating a personal Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love at Canal Fulton Glassworks in Stark County, Ohio. With multiple classes available to take for beginners and above, you can learn glass crafting skills while making amazing items at the same time! If you’re in the Wooster, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio area, make Canal Fulton Glassworks the perfect place to create your next gift, such as a beautiful glass pendant. With your selection of colors and patterns to create a special pendant, it will make for the ideal gift for any holiday or birthday! You can even take classes to make handcrafted metal jewelry at Canal Fulton Glassworks!

When we want to give someone something special, we tend to want to give them something from the heart that shows we’re really thinking about them– especially if it’s Valentine’s Day! Canal Fulton Glassworks in Stark County can help you create that personal Valentine’s Day gift that will make that special person in your life smile. Canal Fulton Glassworks offers classes in glass bead making as well as in glass pendant making. A beautiful glass pendant can help your artistic side by making a colorful, wearable piece of glass using a punty rod rather than blowing the glass. With glass beads, you can make a couple extras to go with that pendant you’ve created to form colorful works of art to share. Looking for something a little more traditional? Learn how to make metal jewelry with Canal Fulton Glassworks. Handcrafted metal jewelry is unlike any other, and makes for a heartfelt gift. The Love Knot Ring is said to date from the medieval era, when a young man tied silk ribbon around his true love’s finger to express his love for her.  If you live in Massillon or Wooster, do the same this holiday by making your own Love Knot Ring from metal, and show that special woman in your life just how much she means to you.

When you love someone, you let them know. Let that special someone in your life know you’re thinking about them this Valentine’s Day with a personal Valentine’s Day gift from Canal Fulton Glassworks in Stark County, Ohio. Whether it’s creating a beautiful glass pendant or handcrafted metal jewelry, that special love in your life will be awestruck by the time and effort you put into the item you have created. If you live in the Massillon, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio area, make Canal Fulton Glassworks the place to obtain your next Valentine’s Day or birthday gift. There is no gift quite as meaningful as one that is made by your own two hands. Visit Canal Fulton Glassworks at or call 330.854.2966 today for more information on classes, and get started on designing beautiful beads, pendants, and more!