Call the Contamination Specialists at Bio Clean Services to Remove Blood from Your Columbus, Ohio Home

When a loved one passes in your home or a tenant is injured in the apartment you rent out, finding a blood cleanup crew to repair the damage can be difficult. Not only is it mentally and emotionally trying, but such specialized services aren’t all that common. Companies that do claim to offer blood and tissue removal often lack the equipment and training required to properly handle such a scene. Without a team of contamination specialists to clean and disinfect death residue, your Detroit, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; or Columbus, Ohio home could be tainted forever. That’s why it’s such a relief to learn that Bio Clean Services offers suicide, homicide, and natural death cleaning services to residents in your area.

Bio Clean Servicescontamination specialists aren’t like those who offer death residue cleanup “on the side.” While other companies focus mainly on fire and flood damage, this well-respected business has made suicide, homicide, and natural death cleaning their top priority. When you enlist their help for your own Columbus, Pittsburgh, or Detroit home, you’ll feel much better knowing that the burden of blood and tissue removal has been taken off of your shoulders by a highly-experienced staff.

Along with having significant training in their field, Bio Clean’s blood cleanup crew has all of the EPA-approved equipment needed to ensure that the death scene has been handled appropriately. While unlicensed companies use bleach in an attempt to clean surfaces after such an event has occurred, Bio Clean Services never takes such dangerous shortcuts. Instead, they use cleaning solutions and disinfectants that have been registered with the EPA. Not only are their tools and chemicals better able to remove blood and death residue, but safe enough that your family won’t have to worry about prolonged exposure.

The contamination specialists at Bio Clean Services are also able to provide emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since one can never know when suicide, homicide, or natural death cleaning may be required, it’s comforting to learn that this blood cleanup crew is available whenever you need them. Not only does Bio Clean Services provide clients with a response time of roughly two hours, but they can perform blood and tissue removal within a matter of hours.

Regardless of where your home may be located or what tragic event has occurred, you can count on Bio Clean Services to provide the suicide, homicide, or natural death cleaning your space needs. And because these contamination specialists are some of the best in their field, you can feel safer having them provide blood and tissue removal than a company that offers such services “on the side.” If you’re interested to learn more about this blood cleanup crew and their other qualifications, visit But if your Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; or Detroit, Michigan home is in need of death residue cleanup now, be sure to place a call to Bio Clean at 1.800.901.2988.

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