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SYNLawn NE Ohio_LogoOnce the rain finally starts to let up, those of us who reside around the greater Akron, Ohio area venture outside in order to begin working on the landscaping projects we planned for the spring. However, before you can even think about designing another flower bed or adding a new water feature, you need to make sure the grass on your Canton, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio property is in good condition. If you find yourself dealing with a patchy lawn that requires more maintenance than you have time for, you may want to take this opportunity to look into synthetic turf. Though some homeowners and property managers may initially scoff at the idea of a fake lawn, the truth is that grass alternatives have been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Today there are all kinds of imitation grass products on the market, one of which is sure to fit your specific budget and needs. And it just so happens that there is a certified synthetic grass dealer conveniently located in the area. By enlisting the help of SYNLawn® of Northeast Ohio, you can learn more about artificial grass installation and how it can improve the overall look of your outdoor space.

SYNLawn NE Ohio_BackyardPerhaps the greatest benefit of having a “fake lawn” is that you can say goodbye to the days of grueling lawn maintenance. Unlike natural grass, imitation grass products don’t require regular trimming or watering to stay in good condition. So, instead of having to frequently take the mower out of storage over the course of the season, you can sit back and watch as the synthetic turf on your Canton or Cleveland property remains as beautiful as ever! In fact, because they’re made out of high-quality nylon fibers, the imitation grass products from SYNLawn® of Northeast Ohio are often more realistic looking than their natural counterparts.

Regardless of whether your spring landscaping project is focused on a residential backyard or a commercial space, SYNLawn® of Northeast Ohio undoubtedly has the perfect synthetic turf to suit your needs. As an authorized supplier of SYNLawn® products, this Akron area company SYNLawn NE Ohio_Golfhas approximately 25 different kinds of synthetic grass from which to choose. If you’re interested in artificial grass installation for your home, golf course, pet training facility, playground, sports complex, or rooftop deck, rest assured that this synthetic grass dealer has an attractive yet durable option to replace the natural grass on your property. Plus, SYNLawn® of Northeast Ohio has a team of highly trained professionals who can steer you towards the best product collection for your particular application.

If you’re still not convinced that a “fake lawn” could somehow appear more natural looking than a regular one, visit the website for this synthetic grass dealer at and take a look at their photo gallery. After you’ve seen some of the projects they’ve completed for clients throughout the greater Akron, Ohio area, you’ll undoubtedly have a change of heart about imitation grass products. Luckily for residents in Cleveland, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; and beyond, SYNLawn® of Northeast Ohio offers artificial grass installation to clients all over the region. So, if you decide that synthetic turf might be a great addition to your property, just give SYNLawn® of Northeast Ohio a call at 330.639.1564.

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