Call AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, When a Four-Wheel Drive has a Problem or the Overdrive Light is Blinking

By Fiona Vernon

The snow has fallen from the skies of North Canton, Ohio, leaving individuals to wonder when they might see grass again. Many landscapers keep themselves busy throughout the cold months of winter by offering snow removal services to their customers; however, one of the most common problems encountered while plowing is damage to their truck’s transmission. There are several snowplow tips that truck owners can follow to protect their transmissions; nonetheless, anyone from Youngstown, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, who finds themselves in search of affordable transmission repair, remanufacturing, or replacement can rely on the experience of AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio. Someone may find that their overdrive light is blinking or that their four-wheel drive is showing signs of a problem, and they are anticipating a transfer case repair. This local transmission shop provides quick, accurate services for a fair price, while treating their customers and their vehicles like they would any close friend.

The transfer case in a vehicle allows it to have four-wheel drive. It transfers power from the transmission to both the front and rear axles through two different drive shafts. Anyone from North Canton to Youngstown who notices that their overdrive light is blinking, or that they are having a four-wheel drive problem may notice varying symptoms — difficulty shifting gears, it kicks out of gear randomly while in motion, or strange noises while driving at certain speeds or when shifting. They can take their vehicle to AJ’s Transmissions in Akron for a free diagnosis and estimate on a transfer case repair. If someone finds that their overdrive light is blinking, this local transmission shop has been serving the area for over 25 years with free diagnosis while standing behind their work and their word.

Since transmission issues are one of the risks of plowing snow, a few safety tips can be followed to minimize down time when they could be plowing and receiving that income. Most manufacturers do not recommend plowing snow with the overdrive on, as it will result in the need for a transmission repair or replacement from AJ’s Transmissions. This local transmission shop realizes that life gives everyone in and around Cleveland speedbumps, but there are ways to limit the number of visits and the avoid the need for transmission remanufacturing. Individuals should wait until the transmission engages before accelerating, as well as coming to a complete stop before shifting from forward to reverse. Accelerating slowly gives the wheels time to grip the road or driveway surface better; additionally, allowing the truck to idle for approximately 10 minutes after a job is complete will give the transmission fluid time to cool. Any of these steps and common sense will help to extend the life of hardworking plow truck transmissions.

Drivers who plow snow from Youngstown, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, are unintentionally hard on their plow truck’s transmissions. If they discover that their overdrive light is blinking, or they are having a four-wheel drive issue, they can find free diagnosis and estimates at AJ’s Transmissions. Whether it’s a transfer case repair or affordable transmission repair, remanufacture, or replacement that is necessary, this local transmission shop hears every day from their customers how reliable and trustworthy they are. This has gained them a notable place in the Akron, Ohio, community, and anyone in North Canton, Ohio, and beyond who has relied on them in the past can attest to the fact that they take pride in their work and treat everyone likes friends and family.

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