Business Owners in Cleveland, Ohio, and Beyond Trust Ohio Wraps for the Best Company Vehicle Graphics

By Fiona Vernon

Experts estimate that there are over 250 million vehicles in operation in the United States. If one were to think about driving one vehicle, they can consider how many people will pass that one vehicle. That’s a lot of consumers being reached. People from North Canton, Ohio, to Mansfield, Ohio, tend to go about their day, taking in the sites on the way to and from work, not thinking about the advertising of which they are subconsciously taking in. As an individual starts their day, they see TV commercials and hear radio ads, then the rest of the day they see ads on billboards, cell phone apps, and mobile billboards. Whether a truck is delivering a product to multiple locations in and around Cleveland, Ohio, or an entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio, has utilized company vehicle graphics as a means of advertising, a business owner starts to realize how many people see their vehicle each day. Ohio Wraps bases what they can offer people on the fact that if an average vehicle drives around town and is seen about 200 times per hour, that can lead to over 149,000 exposures per month. When someone is searching for the most cost-effective advertising, studies have shown that mobile media advertising, such as fleet graphics, cost the least but are seen the most. This local advertising company can design and apply vehicle and box truck wraps as a means of truck advertising to make a business stand-out to the many people that they pass every moment of every day!

Everyone is aware of how much their opinion is formed by the first impression they experience of someone or something. Whether the first impression someone has is from a storefront on their first visit to that retail establishment in Mansfield or an individual first discovers the benefits of a company in Columbus from their company vehicle graphics, Ohio Wraps can ensure that the fleet graphics are of the highest quality. They are one of only three 3M certified companies in the state of Ohio and offer a vast array of 3M graphic solutions that are ideal for long and short-term campaigns.  Whether it’s a box truck or vehicle wrap, their 3M 2-mil opaque laminate gloss film with a pressure-activated adhesive provides long-term, superior mobile media advertising solutions.

When it comes to advertising cost versus effectiveness across media options, television boasts the highest cost per thousand at $23.70. That doesn’t seem like much to invest until one considers that outdoor advertising offers an immense value at $0.48 per thousand. The latter includes truck advertising that acts as a mobile billboard. Not only does Ohio Wraps provide the most cost-effective advertising from North Canton to Cleveland, they offer the best prices throughout Ohio, yet run specials that make it even more cost-effective for any business. Now is the perfect time for a company to invest in their future by calling this local advertising company to take advantage of their phenomenal special that offers $800 off a full-size van or truck wrap for new customers.

All a business owner from Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, must realize when contemplating what form of advertising would be best to draw in new customers, is that the value behind exposing one’s company vehicle graphics to the possible thousands of people that could see it each day is significant. Anyone who decides to call Ohio Wraps will not only be brilliantly taking advantage of the most cost-effective advertising solution, but will also be working with the best vehicle and truck wrap company out there, Ohio Wraps near North Canton, Ohio. They have such confidence in their quality of fleet graphics that act as mobile billboards, that they offer a sizeable discount of $800 for new customers who would like a full-size van or box truck wrap that promotes the qualities of their company to potential clients. This local advertising company offers the best in mobile media truck advertising in Mansfield, Ohio, and beyond. Business owners can prepare themselves for an increase in business after calling Ohio Wraps for the best 3M graphics!
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