Bell Plumbing Offers Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions to Seniors in New Philadelphia, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

Bell Plumbing_LogoMost people notice their needs gradually changing over time. What worked a decade ago may no longer be suitable. Nowhere is this more apparent than in one’s master bathroom. Past injuries as well as general aches and pains can make it difficult to use the facilities originally installed in one’s home. As a result, many seniors throughout New Philadelphia, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; Uhrichsville, Ohio; and beyond decide to enlist the help of a professional for new tub, shower, faucet, and/or toilet installation. However, those wanting to redo the master bathroom should consider hiring a team that specializes in plumbing work rather than relying on a general contractor. A business like Bell Plumbing can not only ensure that the job is done correctly, but offer bathroom remodeling recommendations to clients as well. Those interested in learning more about comfort-height toilets, walk-in tubs, safety showers, and more can benefit greatly from contacting the experts at Bell Plumbing.

bell-plumbing_comfort-toiletHaving worked on a number of bathroom remodeling projects over the years, Bell Plumbing’s team is uniquely qualified to assist those who now find their master bathrooms to be less than convenient. In addition to being able to perform all of the plumbing work underneath one’s new features, Bell Plumbing can also help homeowners in Dover, New Philadelphia, Uhrichsville, and beyond choose the right products to fit their needs. Since many people are unaware of what products are now on the market, it helps to have input from a professional who has installed such features before.

bell-plumbing_showerWhen it comes to new faucet, tub, shower, and/or toilet installation, there are a number of options available to seniors. Those who find it difficult to twist and turn their current shower knob may benefit from having a lever faucet installed in its place. A senior safety shower with grab bars, seats, and anti-slip coating is another popular choice for seniors as it greatly reduces the risk of falling. Those who prefer tubs may also want to consult Bell Plumbing’s team to see what type of walk-in tub options this local business has available, as this feature makes the transition from wheelchair to tub much easier. And, of course, comfort-height toilets that are raised a few inches more than regular models can be a convenient option for homeowners with back and/or joint problems.

bell-plumbing_walk-in-tubSince Bell Plumbing prefers to supply their own units, those who hire this local business for bathroom remodeling are always pleased with the quality of the finished product. The comfort-height toilets, safety showers, walk-in tubs, and lever faucets offered by Bell Plumbing are more durable than those found at big-box stores and last significantly longer. They’re also much easier to install, so homeowners can look forward to having plumbing work completed in a timely manner. Residents throughout New Philadelphia, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; and Uhrichsville, Ohio who are interested in new tub, shower, faucet, and/or toilet installation are encouraged to give Bell Plumbing a call at 330.705.0267 for a consultation.

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