Bath, Ohio, Can Rely on Lindsey Construction & Design To Use Their Stimulus Check to Prepare Their Home for Storms

By Fiona Vernon

The world is living through events that many individuals haven’t experienced. Every thought and deed centers around the effects that COVID-19 will have on them and their family. People have also never been asked in their lifetime to stay home as much as possible as a way of keeping others safe. While homeowners are trying to find things to occupy themselves, they may be thinking about how to best use their stimulus checks or income tax refunds. Spring is in full swing and a major hailstorm has already happened. Whether a homeowner in Wadsworth, Ohio, needs a professional restoration service for storm damage repair or another in Kent, Ohio, wants to invest in a bathroom or kitchen remodel, Lindsey Construction and Design is a 24-hour emergency contractor with an infrared roof scanning service. They make it as easy on the wallet as possible by working directly with manufacturers and passing the low cost down to each customer. They offer free roofing and siding estimates, work with insurance companies for the claims, and provide home remodeling financing. Everyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, looking for prepare their home for storms can call this local general contractor at 330.785.9931 to satisfy all their construction needs at a reasonable price.

How to best use a stimulus check or income tax refund is really dependent upon an individual’s circumstances. Essential workers and those who still have a paycheck coming in may want to take advantage of the time to support local businesses and invest in their home to prepare it for the typical spring and summer storms that are seen from Bath to Wadsworth. There may be the unknown of a hail storm one day, a warm 70 degree day the next, and snowfall after that; however, homeowners from Kent to North Canton don’t have to let it cause them stress when they call Lindsey Construction and Design for storm damage repair. Business and homeowners can let this 24-hour emergency contractor relieve their anxiety by permitting them to deal with the insurance companies for siding and roofing claims after providing free estimates.

With their professional restoration services, this local general contractor’s infrared roof scanning service detects areas that are causing issues. It measures moisture levels where wet insulation can lead to structural damage and increased energy costs. Lindsey Construction and Design offers comprehensive repair services to help prevent further damage and lower utility bills by replacing the insulation. They also excel at repairing and replacing any roof. Not only do they provide professional restoration services, they also do extremely well surpass all competition at every level of residential construction to prepare homes for spring storms. People often delay that dream kitchen or bathroom remodel in hopes of a break in the busy routine, and now is the perfect time! People start and end their days in the bathroom, so why not upgrade it to deliver more of a spa-like experience? Whether entertaining or simply living life, people spend hours of their days in the kitchen. Lindsey Construction and Design offers home improvement financing on top of their already affordable pricing to bring their clients one step closer to having that dream home.

Being home can be difficult for some people from Wadsworth, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, but they can take advantage of the down time by considering that bathroom or kitchen remodel that they have been dreaming about for years. They can also prepare their home for the upcoming spring and summer storms when they are considering how best to use their income tax refund or stimulus check. In addition to the reasonable prices from Lindsey Construction and Design and income supplement, families can rely on this local 24-hour emergency general contractor for hail and storm damage repair with infrared roof scanning services. They provide free roofing and siding estimates then tackle the task of handling the insurance claims. Everyone from Kent, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, who is looking for home remodeling financing with professional restoration services will be highly satisfied with the service they receive when they call Lindsey Construction and Design.

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