Back Pain Free Without Surgery at Spinal Decompression & Laser Healing of Millersburg in Holmes County, Ohio

Many things emanate from our spines. For most, this includes pain-free movement. And for far too many, it includes constant back pain, sciatica pain, and leg tingling or arm and hand pain with numbness stemming from the neck and upper back. Medication and surgery have long been sufferers’ only options for relief. But now, people in Holmes County, Ohio and Tuscarawas County, Ohio have an all-natural, safe alternative that’s free of prescriptions and invasive procedures. It’s called non-surgical spinal decompression, and it’s proven to provide relief from pain caused by a herniated disc or bulging disc. And for the next 30 days, you can see if you qualify as a candidate for this revolutionary treatment for only $39 at the Spinal Decompression & Laser Healing of Millersburg in Millersburg, Ohio.

A herniated disc and a bulging disc are each caused by damage to the spinal Colum. Be it from an injury or bad posture, herniation and bulging begin once the discs that serve as cushions between our backbones are harmed. Scientific studies connect these damaged discs to leg pain, neck and back pain. That is, unless either exists at L4-L5 and compromises the large sciatic nerve. In these cases, muscle weakness, tingling, and severe, sciatica pain plague patients.

If these details describe pain that you know all too well, you’ve probably had at least one prescription for pain killers and a chat or two about surgical procedures. People from Holmes County to Tuscarawas County and throughout the world, for that matter, frequently consume medications they’d rather do without in efforts to stifle pain from a herniated disc or bulging disc. They are also offered expensive, invasive, and risky surgeries with no guarantee of pain relief.

These traditional options somewhat explain the growing interest in spinal decompression treatments. As provided by Dr. Richard Mulcahy and his brother Dr. Michael Mulcahy at Spinal Decompression & Laser Healing of Millersburg, these non-surgical procedures do not require medication or down time. And according to the American Academy of Pain Management, nearly 90 percent of people who undergo spinal decompression treatments report improvement in back pain and better function. That’s a stark contrast to the 53 percent failure rate that International Orthopedics assigns to surgeries.

With the perks of the non-surgical procedure understood, let’s discuss how it’s performed. First, a patient’s herniated disc or bulging disc is located. Then, a specialized belt is gently affixed to the person’s waist. Finally, a machine featuring an advanced decompression computer system creates a vacuum effect on the problem disc. This pulls the disc back into its normal position while removing the painfully compressed spinal nerve and brings in fresh blood, oxygen and nutrient supply. This action promotes both faster healing and disc rejuvenation from the inside out. And it all happens while the patient rests comfortably on their stomach or back in a manner gentle enough to bring on a nap!

Normally, evaluations that are necessary to identify compatible patients cost $257. But for the next 30 days, you can receive a complete evaluation for $39. As this is a relatively new technology, the doctors believe by allowing patients to experience the most complete and comprehensive presentation allows prospects to fully understand why its success rate is so high (88.9%). Take advantage of this offer, and you will receive a full hour to talk to the doctor’s and be heard. Along with everything listed here:

  • Extensive medical history review.
  • Complete neuromuscular examination.
  • In-depth consultation about your health and well being.
  • Diagnostic film reading of any prior MRI or x-rays to identify disc herniations and vertebral misalignments ($100 value all by itself).
  • Analysis and explanation of spinal exam findings to begin designing your pain-free plan.
  • Exposure to spinal decompression clinic area and treatment components and procedural explanation.

To schedule your time with Dr. Michael Mulcahy or Dr. Richard Mulcahy, call 330-473-6013. This offer is available for a limited time, and the doctors can only see as many patients as time allows. So, if you have sciatica pain, leg pain, or neck and back pain because of a herniated disc or bulging disc, call and book your appointment time today! Should the pain-free treatment prove to be right for you, your days in Holmes County, Ohio or Tuscarawas County, Ohio will soon be filled back to doing your favorite activities rather than suffering with the pain that stole them away from your life in the first place.

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