Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron, Ohio Offer Name Brand Tires For Your Vehicle This Spring!

Winter can be rough on our tires, making routine maintenance in the spring even more important. If your experiencing a change in fuel economy and aren’t sure what the reasoning behind it may be, consider visiting Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron, Ohio for a vehicle diagnostic. Before expecting the worst, did you know that a change in fuel economy can actually be caused by worn out or improperly inflated tires? Don’t let your tires keep your vehicle from running at its best. Auto & Tire Service Specialists have an extensive selection of name brand tires such as Goodyear, Michelin, Hankook, BF Goodrich, and more!

Whether you’re looking for agriculture tires or passenger car tires in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio or Tallmadge, Ohio area, the professional service team of Auto & Tire Service Specialists will be more than happy to help you find the name brand and tire size you need! Auto & Tire Service Specialists even offer Fleet services! Regardless of whether you’re looking for a company that offers reliable oil change services or quality tires to have balanced and installed onto your vehicle, Auto & Tire Service Specialists have the professional staff and skills to assist with all your vehicle needs this spring!

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your car; after all, your tires are what keep you moving! To ensure that your car continues to be road-worthy, check the air pressure and tread of your tires. If your tread is starting to wear or your tires aren’t holding the air pressure like they should, you may see a difference in your fuel economy. However, replacing tires with poor tread can help you in more than just fuel economy. By purchasing name brand tires from Auto & Tire Service Specialist to replace your old, worn tires, you can help prevent hydroplaning on the roads this spring. With your selection of the name brands in tires you’ve come to trust –such as Continental, Kelly, and Pirelli— there’s no better place to go!

Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron offers a variety of tires for agriculture, passenger car, and more! Just as they have a variety of tires, they also offer a variety of quality services to help improve your vehicle when it’s not running at its best. Auto & Tire Service Specialist offer everything from vehicle diagnostics to reliable oil change services that can help you maintain routine maintenance or assist in that unforeseen problem that comes with continuous use and older vehicles. If you’re looking for quality tires and services in the Tallmadge or Cuyahoga Falls area, make Auto & Tire Service Specialists your next stop!

Auto & Tire Service Specialists in Akron, Ohio place tremendous value on each and every customer that walks through their doors, regardless of whether their replacing your old tires with new, name brand tires, helping to maintain the performance of your vehicle, or doing repairs to keep you safe on the road. Their highly skilled ASE-certified technicians are dedicated to doing their work professionally and correctly the first time so you can get on the road faster. From reliable oil change services to vehicle diagnostics, their team is happy to serve the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio communities using class-leading service and unprecedented honesty. For more information, visit their website at or call one of their locations today!

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