Audrey’s Attic Is Your Local Specialty Shop for Unique Decorations & Gifts Minutes from Massillon, Ohio

Walking into Audrey’s Attic in downtown Orrville, Ohio isn’t like walking into any other store you have been to. In fact, you probably won’t find another store quite like it anywhere else. As soon as you step foot inside this local specialty shop, it’s as if you were transported into some sort of storybook world. Audrey’s Attic is filled with all sorts of beautiful treasures and curiosities, truly making it a feast for your eyes! Specializing in unique decorations and gifts for the Dalton, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; and Massillon, Ohio area, Audrey’s Attic offers shelves, trunks, stands, and cabinets filled to the brim with gorgeous items for the home or garden. If you’ve been searching unsuccessfully for nautical themed bedroom decorations or vintage balance toys, Audrey’s Attic is the place to visit.

While many people search tirelessly for the perfect items to decorate their home, it can be discouraging to travel to so many different stores only to leave empty handed. Audrey Merkle, a Dalton native, was tired of not finding pieces that fit her own individual style. Rather than continue to drive around the Canton area and hunt for unique decorations and gifts, Audrey decided to do something about it. After years of shopping and gathering antiques, country items, and specialty decorations, Audrey wanted to bring her collection together and open her own local specialty shop.

The first bump in the road for Audrey’s Attic? Location. Audrey had a very specific idea of how she wanted her store to look to customers. Instead of being just another building in a strip mall, Audrey wanted her store to be in the sort of location that would catch a person’s eye. Lucky for her, her daughter April has quite the good eye herself. After finding a great location right in downtown Orrville, Audrey continued to expand her already large collection until finally opening the doors to Audrey’s Attic on July 1st, 2000. And what a success it has been! Audrey’s Attic has already expanded twice, the shop now offering 5000 sq. feet of merchandise.

Need a bag for your purchases? You have to ask Bella first!

But Audrey’s Attic has grown in more ways than just the amount of floor space it covers. It has also grown in its importance to the community. Audrey’s Attic is frequently involved in community activities in Orrville, whether it’s sponsoring local baseball teams or participating in local home & garden shows. Audrey’s Attic may be a store for unique decorations and gifts for those traveling from Massillon, but it’s also a home away from home. After you’ve taken your initial scan at all that Audrey’s Attic has to offer, you can be certain that you’ll receive a warm welcome from Daisy (the unofficial feline mascot), the girls, or Audrey herself!

So the next time you’re searching for delicious smelling candles, themed decorations, beautiful clocks, or garden accents, make Audrey’s Attic your first stop! Serving the Dalton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; and Canton, Ohio area, Audrey’s Attic is a fantastic local specialty shop that offers unique decorations and gifts you won’t find elsewhere. Call Audrey’s Attic at 330.683.3384, or visit them at 147 N. Main St in Orrville, Ohio or online at