Audrey’s Attic Has Beautiful Country Style Home Décor for Your Doylestown, Ohio Residence

With so many places to shop for home décor, where do you go? You could go to a large department store, but do you really want something that everyone else has? Something that you’ve seen a million times with no real expression to it? Audrey’s Attic may just have what you need for your Wooster, Ohio home to give it that primitive prairie look so many people love. What makes Audrey’s Attic so much better than your average department store is the country style home décor that Audrey’s carries in stock. Not only that, but there is always a large selection of unique seasonal items you will have a hard time finding anywhere else in stock. Looking for something a little more special, like a clean burning candle for your Dalton, Ohio residence? Audrey’s Attic has those too! Don’t wait any longer; come in today to find that perfect addition to your Doylestown, Ohio home!

What makes Audrey’s Attic the place for people in Wooster or Dalton to go for those special gifts and country style home décor? Everything! You can always find unique seasonal items for friends, family, and even yourself! And at Audrey’s, there’s always a sale to be had! You can indulge in one of these amazing sales on various products every month! Did you know that Audrey’s Attic has a Candle of the Month? Each month you can get an amazing deal on a select brand of candle. This month you can get 25% off Crossroads candles as they are the Candles of the Month! These clean burning candles make great additions to any home as well as great gifts for friends or family! Other amazing deals you can get this month of January are 20% off birdhouses, 25% off Earth rugs, 30% off wood signs, and 50% off winter items! With amazing sales like these every month, it’s no wonder so many people from Doylestown are finding great items at amazing prices for their homes.

Audrey’s Attic has a selection of items unlike any other store. You can find a multitude of amazing country style home décor items for your Doylestown, Ohio home including linens, curtains, and kitchen items! If you’re looking for something to add a relaxing element to your home, make a stop at Audrey’s Attic to pick up one of their clean burning candles from Crossroads or Swan Creek with an amazing scent. If you’re looking for something to elicit an even more nostalgic feel in your Wooster, Ohio residence, why not pick up a hand poured candle by 1824? Audrey’s Attic is truly a unique country store unlike any other with a multitude of equally unique seasonal items. If you live in the Dalton, Ohio area and are looking for something different, make sure you put Audrey’s Attic on your list of places to visit. You won’t be disappointed! For more information, visit their website at or call 330.683.3384 and speak with one of their friendly staff today!