Attract Motorists to Your Cleveland, Ohio Business with a Pylon Sign from Akers Signs

In an attempt to garner attention from passing motorists, many businesses will have pylon signs erected nearby. While this is definitely a worthwhile investment, it’s important that your outdoor business sign is both large enough to see from the highway, and close enough to your building so that potential customers don’t get turned around in circles. If the display you have installed for your business doesn’t follow these guidelines, not only do you risk losing your clientele, but you will also lose money on a bad investment. In order to ensure that you make the best decision for your business, it’s vital that you contact a sign production company that specializes in crafting and assembling such signage. Fortunately for those around the Cleveland, Ohio; Parma, Ohio; and Akron, Ohio areas, Akers Signs has been offering sign design and project management to businesses in need for decades. Not only will their team be able to create the custom pole signage you need, but they will make sure that your display possesses these two important characteristics.

There are few things more irritating than seeing a pylon sign for one of your favorite restaurants from the highway, only to get lost while trying to find the actual building. In fact, the only thing more frustrating is when an outdoor business sign is too small to read properly. In a survey conducted by The Signage Foundation, 90% of respondents stated that they thought such outdoor signage should be large enough for passing drivers to read. More than 80% claimed that they were annoyed when the lettering on these signs was too small. If a passerby is faced with a display that they have to squint to see, or that leads them nowhere, chances are that they will simply turn around and take their business elsewhere.

As a sign production company with years of experience designing and installing a wide assortment of architectural signage, Akers Signs knows the best ways to avoid running into such issues. By enlisting their help to create custom pole signage for your Cleveland, Akron or Parma business, you can be sure that the pylon sign you place in front of your building will lead potential customers straight to your doors. As their team specializes in sign design and project management, Akers Signs will use your ideas to craft and install an eye-catching outdoor business sign while adhering to local zoning codes. And since Akers Signs is a locally-owned and operated company, you can look forward to receiving the best price for your custom pole signage.

Rather than allowing your Cleveland, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; or Parma, Ohio business to remain unseen from the highway, why not request the help of Akers Signs’ team for a new pylon sign? Their experience with sign design and project management makes them the best choice for your outdoor business sign needs. To learn more about what this sign production company can do for your business, visit their website at or If you’d like to get a quote on custom pole signage today, simply give them a call at 330.493.0055.

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