AppArrest: The Customized Phone App That Allows You to Better Protect Your Community

As technology continues to advance, it’s more important than ever for law enforcement officials to stay on top of the latest news. With social media sites like Twitter and Facebook connecting nearly every person in your community, it takes mere moments for false information to spread, causing panic among civilians. As an officer of the law, it’s not only your duty to stop crime and protect your community, but to keep the citizens of your area informed about what’s happening in their own neighborhood. And this is why so many sheriffs’ departments throughout the country have opted to research police iPhone and Android apps that form a community safety network. And the one that shows up most often in their search results? AppArrest.

Developed as a customized phone app for law enforcement officials like yourself, AppArrest allows you to send push notifications that immediately arrive to such mobile devices as iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets and iPads. Free for your community members to receive, push notifications inform each AppArrest user of emergency information within seconds. This mobile app for police departments gives you the opportunity to upload suspects’ photos and even take tips straight from your mobile device. As AppArrest’s method of using push notifications is quick and direct, messages can be sent at any time, popping right up on community members’ screens.

With the ability to search the National Sex Offender Public Website, commend an officer, send crime alerts, report an abandoned vehicle and more, AppArrest gives you the chance to involve your community as an active “6th man” for your department! This feature-rich application gives your department an edge over the criminals no matter where they try to hide. Let your community know where the crimes are happening, and even create your own “Top 10 Most Wanted” list for everyone to see on their mobile devices.  How you choose to utilize your police iPhone and Android app is completely up to your department as you select the features you want to include in your customized phone app.

Despite being less than two years old, this police iPhone and Android app has already proven its worth to law enforcement departments across the country. The situations described below are just a few examples of how effective AppArrest truly is.

November 2012
15-Year-Old Runaway Found within Minutes after Alert Issued from AppArrest

On November 1, 2012, the Clare County Sheriff Office issued an alert for a runaway child. The department received several tips via AppArrest, and within minutes the teenager was found and returned home safely with his parents.

October 2012
18-Year-Old Boy Found Because of AppArrest

On October 1, 2012, the Clare County Sheriff Office was called to the Clare/Gladwin RESD for a student who had left the school on foot and ventured toward a large wooden area south of Mannsiding Rd near Clare Ave. Officers arrived on scene and got a description of the subject. This information was then sent out to the public via push notification with the department’s customized phone app. The information was pushed out approximately 1 hour after the initial report was made to the sheriff’s office. Roughly 25 minutes after the alert was made public, officers received notice of a possible sighting nearly 1.5 miles from where the student went missing. Within 20 minutes of the report that he had been seen, officers located him in the woods and he was returned to school.

August 2012
Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Department Uses AppArrest to Keep in Touch with the Community during Hurricane Isaac

Through winds of 100 MPH, flooding rains and unrelenting emergencies, the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Department used AppArrest as a community safety network in order to stay in touch with local residents. During any power outages, downed television services and similar issues, AppArrest allowed the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Department to remain in contact with residents and provide frequent updates. Reaching hundreds to thousands of residents quickly and frequently, the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Department credits their customized phone app in helping to keep their citizens safe during a major natural disaster.

Testimonials from law enforcement officials and community members across the country also prove that AppArrest is an extremely value tool for sending crime alerts and keeping the general public informed of recent events.

I want to personally thank you for AppArrest. We have already made a couple of Arrests from people seeing mug shots on the Wanted Section and reporting their location, one was in line at the grocery store. Today, we had a tip about a Domestic Violence Bond Violation and we were able to make an arrest. You have helped out communication with the public rocket to a whole new level.
-Sheriff John Wilson, Clare County Sheriff’s Office

We are loving this app! Sending weather warnings out from the National Weather Service via push notifications and the users are loving that. A man came into our office and praised the app saying that it is cutting gossip out and putting information out to the people. You guys have a great product here!
-Cody Cain, Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office

I just want to say thanks for moving forward. This app is a great idea. Good job Chief.
-Review of Evart Police Department’s App on Google Play Market

This mobile app for police departments can completely revolutionize the way you protect your community. Criminals can’t hide, and every life saved is just another reason departments across the country are choosing this one-of-a-kind solution that has been featured on NBC News Affiliates, Police and Technology Magazine, national radio programs and more!

If you’re interested in learning more about this mobile app for police departments, feel free to visit AppArrest’s website at Not only can you find additional information on the various features you can get with this customized phone app, but you can also view some of the segments that were aired praising this unique police iPhone and Android app. To speak to an AppArrest representative about obtaining an app for your own department, simply call 330.408.7280.

Don’t miss out on a chance to establish a better connection with the people you swore to protect. Contact AppArrest today and discover how you can create your own community safety network through this powerful app.