Anytime Tree Service to Know When to Trim Oak Trees & Prevent Oak Wilt in Copley, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Whether someone in Lodi, Ohio, needs a free estimate on basic tree maintenance services or another in Fairlawn, Ohio, needs to know when to trim an oak tree to prevent oak wilt, customers have attested to the knowledge and reliability behind Anytime Tree Service by voting them Medina Gazette’s “Best of the Best” again for 2018. Maintaining a yard from Medina, Ohio, to Copley, Ohio, is difficult when a homeowner doesn’t even know enough to know what questions to ask; however, the professionals at Anytime Tree Service can help with affordable tree services and tips on fall tree care. Not only does this local tree company excel at bush, shrub, and tree trimming, but they can also handle any larger project, like shrub, bush, tree, and stump removal. Call today to prepare trees for winter!

Pruning in late summer or early fall may stimulate new growth that won’t have enough time to harden before the cold weather, causing them to die and need trimmed again in the spring. Homeowners may want to take advantage of the cooler ambient temperatures and have some bush, shrub, or tree trimming and pruning done in early fall; however, knowing when the best time is to trim any tree, especially oak trees, is the key to their survival. The best time to trim an oak tree from Lodi to Medina to prevent it from acquiring oak wilt is after, or close to, November 1st. Unlike other trees and bushes, oak trees are susceptible to oak wilt, Ceratocystis fagacearum, which is a fungal disease spread when sap, picnic beetles, or oak bark beetles feed and breed on fungal mats of trees infected with it, proceeding to carry the spores on their bodies. The beetles are attracted to any wounds on oak trees, so it’s best to avoid trimming them in their growing season, which is April 15th to October 1st. If pruning is absolutely necessary, covering the wounds with a latex paint will slow their healing, but it will also deter beetles and the spores that they are carrying from entering the wound.

The experts at Anytime Tree Service not only excel at tips on fall tree care, but they also provide the most reliable and affordable tree services from Fairlawn to Copley. Their customers have attested to this by voting them Medina Gazette’s “Best of the Best” for the past five years. This local tree company not only seeks to prevent oak wilt, but they also engage in the healthiest tree practices possible when they are called for basic tree maintenance. They won’t top trees, since topping can remove 50 to 100% of a tree’s leaf-bearing crown, which are the food factories. This activity causes many negative side effects, including starvation, decay, sunburn, and limb failure over the winter. Anytime Tree Service provides free estimates on their affordable tree services and are even available on weekday evenings. While preparing trees for winter, homeowners will want to rely on the professionals for tree, bush, shrub, and stump grinding and removal. Homeowners can also perform some basic practices themselves — watering trees and placing mulch on their bases will help retain water, preventing branch breakage and splitting by wrapping the base can prevent winter damage, and planting foliage in the fall when root growth will thrive. Everyone can keep their plants healthy by working together with Anytime Tree Service!

Summer vacations are a thing of the past, and people are starting their preparations for the harsh winter weather that is just over the horizon. Owning and maintaining a home can be expensive, causing many people to attempt to find ways to complete projects on their own; however, there are certain times when hiring a professional is beneficial. Individuals from Copley, Ohio, to Lodi, Ohio, who are looking for experts who possess extensive knowledge regarding tips on fall tree care can call Anytime Tree Service for affordable tree services. Many individuals think that topping a tree is the best method of controlling its growth or that trimming should be done early in the fall, but both of these misconceptions can harm it. This local tree company, who has won Medina Gazettes “Best of the Best” five years in a row can help prevent oak wilt, because they know when the best time is to trim an oak tree. They provide free estimates in the evenings throughout the week on every sized tree service, which includes tree, bush, and shrub trimming or removal and so much more. Anyone from Medina, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, looking for anything from basic tree maintenance to stump removal can rely on Anytime Tree Service to prepare trees for winter on time and within budget.

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