Anyone in Dover, Ohio, Can Call Trademark Exteriors to Prepare for Winter with Affordable Exterior Renovations

By Fiona Vernon

Summertime finds homeowners more focused on enjoying the outdoors and going on vacations, and when families are not home is the perfect opportunity to schedule indoor remodels. However, the best time of year to arrange for exterior home renovations is in the fall because of the moderate temperatures and the desire to make one’s house more energy-efficient before winter. Some of the smarter projects to carry out in the fall that will prove useful in the winter are finding affordable replacement doors, energy-efficient windows, and new home siding. Replacing a home’s barrier to outdoor air with affordable more energy-efficient versions can be easily done from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Norton, Ohio, with a phone call to Trademark Exteriors. Another idea before the trees start to release their leaves onto a home’s roof is to invest in low-maintenance gutters with protection. The exterior of a home is the first thing someone sees as they pull into their Cambridge, Ohio, or Dover, Ohio, driveway, and Trademark Exteriors has been listening to homeowners’ desires and helping them to improve their curb appeal while saving money on utility bills for years.

Perhaps a homeowner in Norton had been casually talking to a neighbor and discovered that their own energy bills were significantly higher. After some research, they may have found that their payments were indeed higher than average for the area. They had already planned on investing in affordable replacement doors and energy-efficient windows before the winter, but sat down and truly planned it out. After a short discussion with Trademark Exteriors, a strategy was formed that would not only reduce their gas and electric bills, but improve their curb appeal as well. Many individuals from Cambridge to Dover have worked with Trademark Exteriors and found that their vast array of affordable replacement doors caused them to be more excited about the project than previously expected. Their steel and fiberglass entry doors offer superior security benefits, as well as beauty with their impressive selection of panel designs and glass options in both steel and wood edge construction. Trademark Exteriors also offers an impressive selection of energy-efficient windows for any application in a home — from double and single hung to sliding and casement windows. They all offer increased security, are easy to clean, and will add style to any décor.

When contemplating exterior home renovations to prepare for cooler temperatures, one of the first things people must consider is a low-maintenance gutter system. They can avoid experiencing an ice dam after the first snow, making them go out to remove large icicles weighing down their gutters — the result of clogs from leaves and debris. Anyone in New Philadelphia can call Trademark Exteriors for seamless gutter protection that will allow water to flow freely without the need to climb onto a ladder every year. They keep the leaves and debris out every time. Maybe a family invested in new windows last fall and wants to further improve their curb appeal, while reducing their energy bills, by installing new home siding. Whether its vinyl, fiber cement, or steel siding that will correlate with a customer’s lifestyle and taste, Trademark Exteriors offers a vast array of products with unbeatable strength and exceptional beauty. Their stone veneer also presents the finest hues, unique textures, and authentic details that create an old-world appeal.

Homeowners from Dover, Ohio, to Cambridge, Ohio, who have trusted Trademark Exteriors with their exterior home renovations will sit back to relax in November with no worries. They didn’t have to climb a ladder to clean the gutters after the installation of the low-maintenance gutters with protection from leaves and debris, and they smile as they realize they won’t have to do it next year either! They have to admit that they are somewhat excited to see the improvement in their utility bills with the affordable replacement doors and energy-efficient windows they had installed from Trademark Exteriors. It was such a pleasant experience that they plan on calling them next year for the new home siding for which they had been planning. Their main objective was to save money and they found that they improved their curb appeal at the same time with the superior products provided by this reputable home improvement company. Anyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Norton, Ohio can trust the products and service supplied by the respectful knowledgeable staff at Trademark Exteriors!

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