Anyone in Akron, Ohio, Who Loves Antique & Vintage Jewelry Will Find an Impressive Selection at Cevasco Jewelers

By Fiona Vernon

Different thought processes exist throughout the world when it comes to purchasing new products versus used. It also makes a difference on the product being discussed. Among avid shoppers, especially youth, visiting second hand stores for clothing has become a trend to follow. While many individuals like to buy custom designed or brand-new jewelry, there are a plethora of reasons why buying pre-owned jewelry may be the perfect consideration for anyone from Kent, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio. Whether a novice jewelry lover from Stow, Ohio, simply likes the look of gemstone rings in a setting designed 50 years ago or an avid jewelry enthusiast in Akron, Ohio, loves a specific era of ruby pendants, they can both visit the experts at Cevasco Jewelers. Regardless if someone’s passion is a piece from the 1920s or someone is looking or a diamond engagement ring for their beloved that resembles the family heirloom look that would match their personality, this local jewelry store is a fantastic place for anyone to visit who loves perusing estate, antique, and vintage jewelry.

Older pieces of jewelry are defined as either antique, estate, or vintage. Anything that isn’t brand new is considered estate jewelry, whether it was purchased four days or 4 years ago. Vintage jewelry is at least 20 to 30 years old, and now, encompasses the products made during a period of time when jewelry was mass produced in the 1990s. Antique jewelry refers to a piece being about 100 years old. People from Kent to Akron buy pre-owned jewelry for different reasons, and those who shop at Cevasco Jewelers will save on the cost simply because of the price compared to when it was first purchased. Wearing a piece of pre-owned antique jewelry is like having a little piece of history in one’s hand as it had most likely been designed and handcrafted using techniques that don’t even exist today, making it especially unique. People who are conscious about their effect on this planet will be happy to know that it’s also environmentally friendly to find a vintage ruby pendant or antique gemstone ring. The fewer people purchasing new jewelry means fewer pieces will be produced in the long run, causing less mining and pollution.

There is still a place in the world for new custom designed jewelry, which will take their places in the future as family heirlooms, but those who love the pre-owned jewelry that they can find Cevasco Jewelers will find that the structural integrity and craftsmanship makes it as good as new. Anyone from Fairlawn to Stow who purchases antique and vintage jewelry also has the benefit of knowing that its durability has stood the test of time, making it remain as exquisite as it has for so long. This local jewelry store only offers estate jewelry that meets the same high-quality standards that they present in their custom designed jewelry. People who love unique pieces of jewelry, whether it’s a diamond engagement ring or ruby pendant, as a development of their own personal style, will love the vast array of estate, vintage, and antique jewelry that they discover among the beauty at Cevasco Jewelers.

Perhaps a granddaughter in Stow, Ohio, has expressed her love of her great aunt’s beautiful diamond engagement ring and her future fiancé is in search of an antique piece that resembles it. Maybe a son in Akron, Ohio, wants to buy his mother a reminder of her youth with a gemstone ring similar to a custom designed piece of jewelry that his grandmother loved. They can both visit Cevasco Jewelers for a vast array of antique, estate, and vintage jewelry from which to choose as an exciting surprise that will touch a sentimental place in the receiver’s heart. This local jewelry store not only specializes in pre-owned jewelry, but also in custom designed jewelry that will be the family heirlooms of future generations. Whether it’s a ruby pendant or natural colored diamond necklace, anyone from Kent, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, can take the short drive to Cevasco Jewelers to choose from the thousands of brilliant pieces available.
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