Anyone from Denver, Colorado, to Boston, Massachusetts, Can Beautify Their Outdoor Living Space with Silca System

By Fiona Vernon

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and most individuals have spent more time outdoors taking advantage of the extra sunshine. Some people may like to spend time in nature hiking, at a local lake, or purely prefer their own backyard. The term outdoor living space means a variety of things to everyone, but all individuals from Boston, Massachusetts, to Denver, Colorado, can agree that it is the extension of one’s comfortable living area into the realm of nature so that homeowners can enjoy more time in the fresh air. The range of sunshine differs according to location with Portland, Oregon, receiving about 48% of their days with sun and Phoenix, Arizona, experiencing about 90% of their days being sunny.  People everywhere want to enjoy the sunlit hours as much as they can, so they pursue approaches with which to beautify their outdoor living space. Whether looking for an alternative to staining a deck or the restoration of an old deck, Alliance, Ohio-based Silca Systems offers decking options with eco-friendly products for transforming wooden decks to stone decks. One of the most exciting and functional ways to transform one’s outdoor living space is to create an outdoor kitchen with a deck fireplace, and stone decks make that goal attainable. Homeowners looking for an easy-to-install deck can call Silca Systems for information on the most cost-effective, low-maintenance deck available.

Many people enjoy the pastime of visiting with good company over a pleasant meal. Societies love food, and individuals love the feel of the sun kissing their faces; therefore, incorporating both pleasures with the installation of an outdoor kitchen and a deck fireplace in front of which to relax is the perfect plan when aspiring to beautify one’s outdoor living space. A variety of decisions must be made when planning an outdoor kitchen — including its proximity to the indoor kitchen, the appliances desired, the amount of storage necessary, a shade structure, and the decking options required to accommodate the chosen items. Whether entertaining a group or having a simple family meal outside in Denver or Portland, the outdoor kitchen occurring within close proximity to the indoor one is simply to facilitate easier transportation of supplies between the two. Incorporating storage can easily be accomplished with paper towel holders, drawers, and trash bins, to name a few. One of the more involved decisions when planning for an outdoor kitchen is choosing a shade structure depending on the architectural ambience preferred —  including tents, pergolas, and patio awnings. The boards of a traditional wooden deck may not possess the strength to accommodate these changes; however, homeowners can fortify the flooring with the rest of the improvements in a straightforward, cost-effective manner. When anticipating the restoration of an old deck, many want a low-maintenance, easy-to-install deck with an alternative to staining it every year. Silca System has the answer to this dilemma in transforming one’s wooden deck to a stone deck.

Silca System is a deck sub-flooring that allows anyone from Boston, Phoenix, and beyond to transform their wooden decks to stone decks. Imagine beautifying one’s outdoor living space with the removal of warped, sun-bleached wood and replacing it with a gorgeous elevated deck using colorful brick or stone pavers. The Silca grates that are made from recycled plastic install on top of wood or metal deck joists and support any design that one can dream up — including natural stone pavers, travertine, blue stone, brick pavers, slate, marble, and granite. They also meet building standards as certified by the ICC (International Code Council) with this easy-to-install, low-maintenance deck. Silca grate’s hexagon design creates a super-strong subfloor capable of sustaining heavy materials and creating more decking options than anyone in and around Alliance ever thought possible, as long as the deck framing is properly constructed. Individuals can complete their dream area by adding a stone bar, an impressive grill, a new 4K Ultra HD TV, and a deck fireplace — which are not possible on traditional decks because wood boards are flammable and not strong enough to hold the weight. With the strength and durability gained by transforming one’s wooden deck to a stone deck using Silca System, a deck fireplace is now a reality. Anyone can now entertain guests, have a backyard BBQ, or simply enjoy a quiet glass of wine in front of a fireplace on their enhanced deck.

Beautifying one’s outdoor living space to enjoy more fresh air in the privacy of one’s own Phoenix, Arizona, or Portland, Oregon, backyard isn’t as costly or difficult as one may imagine. The recycled, eco-friendly grates manufactured by Alliance, Ohio-based Silca System offer an easy-to-install, low-maintenance deck solution when homeowners crave an alternative to staining or anticipate the restoration of an old deck. With the desire to spend more time hosting dinner parties in their new outdoor kitchen or have a quiet glass of wine in the evening appreciating their new deck fireplace, homeowners from Boston, Massachusetts, to Denver, Colorado, will reap the benefits of transforming their wooden deck to a stone deck. Working with Silca System is effortless by perusing the deck options shown in their online gallery or making a stress-free phone call to take advantage of their expertise!

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