Anyone Can Trust Sam’s Jewelry Emporium in Akron, Ohio, for Guidance on Choosing the Right Jewelry

By Fiona Vernon

If someone has had the experience of purchasing jewelry, they usually retain a trusted jeweler with whom they can consult and trust to create or find any product for which they are searching. However, people who are new to the jewelry world or had their trusted professional retire, need to seek out a new one. Finding a trustworthy jeweler is essential, because individuals are putting their appearance and finances in that person’s hands and will be loyal for years to the right one. Finding a local jewelry store from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, to North Canton, Ohio, that is dependable and cares about what is best for their clients is crucial to a highly satisfactory relationship, as is finding one that offers a wide range of services so that they can encompass every jewelry need the customer might come across in their future. Sam’s Jewelry Emporium in Akron, Ohio, is a comprehensive jewelry store with over 200 years’ combined jewelry experience among the staff. They possess the ability to create custom jewelry designs, as well as offering one of the largest inventories, with over 13,000 pieces in-stock. They boast an impressive loose diamond inventory and on-site jewelry repair. They are well-established, having been in business for 70 years, and on top of their vast array of qualities, they have the best jewelry prices — typically averaging 20% lower than mall store prices. Whether someone in Youngstown, Ohio, is looking for a diamond engagement ring or someone in Akron, Ohio, is in the market for a gemstone pendant, Sam’s Jewelry Emporium will sit with and guide anyone through their journey of choosing the right piece of jewelry.

When choosing the right piece of jewelry, visiting a local jewelry store with one of the largest inventories can help anyone fine tune the features for which they are looking in a particular piece. With over 13,000 pieces of jewelry on display, Sam’s Jewelry Emporium in Akron offers a vast array of diamond engagement rings and gemstone pendants. There are several methods that one can employ when choosing the right piece of jewelry. The first option is to pick one of the exquisite pieces that has already been created and is on display. Included in their impressive inventory are designs that they have created specifically for their store. Fashion trends in jewelry have evolved over the years, and many more people would rather bring an idea to a designer and have a custom jewelry design made exclusively for them. People are more focused on owning a unique diamond engagement ring, pendant, necklace, or earrings that have been created specifically according to their tastes.

When individuals from Hermitage to North Canton plan on spending their hard-earned money to adorn themselves, it will be on something that they find flawless. Jewelry is usually attached to sentimentality, reminding the owner of a significant person or a memorable event.  When someone has an idea for which design they are looking, Sam’s Jewelry Emporium suggests a few different ways to bring that idea to reality. A fantastic way to create one’s own custom jewelry design is to combine certain qualities from existing stock to form a unique piece. One may choose the stone, including one of their vast array of impressive loose diamonds, the shape, the setting, and the metal — from silver and platinum to 14 and 18-karat gold. Another way is to sit down with their designers and describe the details for which one is looking. They will hand draw, create a design with their CAD software, then a wax prototype for the customer to hold and change if desired. Not only does their extensive experience involve designing and creation, but also repair. Their customer’s product will never leave their facility with their on-site jewelry repair. Anyone from Youngstown and beyond can trust Sam’s Jewelry Emporium for the best jewelry prices on their wide range of services and merchandise.

Individuals love creating memories with those they adore and many memories are symbolized by a delicate piece of jewelry. Whether someone has been collecting jewelry for years and possesses advanced industry knowledge, or they are new to the lingo and qualities of choosing the right piece of jewelry, they can trust the 200 years’ experience found in the caring staff of Sam’s Jewelry Emporium in Akron, Ohio. Anyone from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, to North Canton, Ohio, will find the largest inventory of over 13,000 pieces from which to choose; additionally, they can rely on the knowledge and artistic creativity of their designers to sit down with them and create custom jewelry designs. From an impressive collection of loose diamonds to gemstone pendants and diamond engagement rings, they offer the best jewelry prices at an average of 20% less than typical mall prices. When deciding with whom to put one’s trust and invest one’s money, a wide range of products and services are key to a comprehensive relationship with a jeweler. On top of offering the best prices, customizations, and products, Sam’s Jewelry Emporium also employs their own on-site jewelry repair, so client’s precious adornments never leave the site. Anyone from Youngstown, Ohio, and beyond can take the short drive and see why this local jewelry store has been trusted for over 70 years!

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