Anyone Can Find the Best Prices on Jewelry and Loose Diamond at Sam’s Jewelry Emporium in Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Relationships are an essential part of thriving in every human’s lifetime on this Earth; however, hundreds of years ago, people did everything for themselves, from growing food to household repairs. Communities then realized that if each person specialized in one thing and they all worked together, much more could be accomplished, creating better results. This is true today on a much larger scale with millions of people involved in fulfilling the cycle of supply and demand as technology makes the world a smaller place. Sam’s Jewelry Emporium in Akron, Ohio, isn’t just a local jewelry store with the best jewelry prices from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Mansfield, Ohio, but they also can sell loose diamonds and their custom jewelry designs to someone across the world at a better price than they could find it anywhere else. This is an example of how they create possibilities for the average person in Cleveland, Ohio, and beyond to afford luxuries like Lum-Tec and Rolex watches, diamond engagement rings, and diamond stud earrings. Sam’s Jewelry Emporium passes on their experience, location, and knowledge to their customers and have been doing so for over 70 years.

In 1946, a man with a vision saw the needs of the Akron community and began to help troubled rubber workers survive from paycheck to paycheck with affordable short-term loans. Sam’s Jewelry Emporium evolved throughout the years from loans to pawn shop to a local fine jewelry store with one of the largest loose diamond, custom jewelry designs, and exquisite setting collections from Pittsburgh to Cleveland. Their jewelry is so impressively affordable that they were involved in a transaction with a gentleman in Australia. He was required to pay $1,500 in excise taxes on the diamond engagement ring that he purchased, yet he still paid less than if he would have purchased it elsewhere. Sam’s Jewelry Emporium’s excellent prices are driven by a variety of factors that they immediately pass down in savings to the customer, giving each person more diamond for the same amount of money they would spend at a mall store.

The fact that Sam’s Jewelry Emporium can offer the best jewelry prices to individuals from Mansfield and beyond is based on the fact that they own the building from which they do business, as well as their own their own inventory. They aren’t required to pay the rent that mall stores do, which can easily equal hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. They own their own inventory of well over 13,000 pieces, including diamond stud earrings from $150 to $50,000 and Rolex and Lum-Tec watches. Most stores in the jewelry industry hire people at a lower wage and offer substantial commissions, but Sam’s employs an expert non-commissioned staff. This allows a no-pressure sales approach with the focus on the needs of each customer, causing many generations to faithfully return. The staff has seven to 50 years’ experience, with an average tenure of 10 years, so someone returning for custom jewelry designs for their beloved can work with the same person year after year. Sam’s doesn’t want to just sell exquisite jewelry, they want to build relationships and be trusted jewelers. They are also very distinguished in their collection, with the designer using CAD software to create unique designs that won’t be found on anyone else. They rarely reorder items, so each customer can be sure they are purchasing one-of-a-kind artwork.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to know that when an individual from Cleveland, Ohio, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wants to offer a symbol of their love to their daughter or mother, they can find experts and the best jewelry prices at Sam’s Jewelry Emporium. Over 13,000 flawless custom jewelry designs adorn the interior of this local jewelry store, with an impressive loose diamond collection from which to choose. Their tenured staff and over 71 years of serving individuals from Mansfield, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, with creative diamond engagement rings, a vast array of diamond stud earrings, and beautiful Rolex and Lum-Tec watches focuses on each client as if they were family. One of the significant benefits about visiting Sam’s Jewelry Emporium is knowing that returning is like visiting extended relatives, who have taken the time to get to know the tastes and opinions of every member of the family.

Sam’s Jewelry Emporium
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