Any Sized Company in Akron, Ohio, can Call Graphic Accents for Cost-Effective Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

By Fiona Vernon

Numerous people drive through their city’s streets navigating on autopilot, whether it’s a stay-at-home mom in Fairlawn, Ohio, driving her kids to and from extracurricular activities or a sales representative visiting customers in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. They see the same sights day after day, with little to spice it up. It would be amazing to be the subject of their conversation the rest of the day with a custom vehicle wrap that catches their attention! Regardless if a business in North Canton, Ohio, is looking for cost-effective advertising to attract new customers or an individual is interested in professional graphic design for a custom personal vehicle wrap, Graphic Accents will design and install the best vehicle wrap.  From custom and loud to clean and professional, this local wrap shop in Akron, Ohio, offers a high attention to detail for an incredible attention-getter with their truck or trailer graphics, logo design, or something personal to express any personality.

Every customer from North Canton to Fairlawn looks for the best method of advertising that will attract new customers, because so many marketing options exist and each one works differently. Smart entrepreneurs are always looking for the most cost-effective advertising, and Graphic Accents offers a vast array of options on the best personal and professional vehicle wraps for a wide range of customers and looks. Studies have shown that truck or trailer graphics with professional graphic design overwhelmingly reach the most people at the best cost. 3M used GPS tracking on delivery trucks over a period of three months in two major cities to determine effectiveness, and other studies have since backed up their results. They found that each truck generated over six million impressions each year, with 96% of respondents noticing the words and pictures, 98% stating that the graphics produced a positive image, and 96% believing that they were impacted more with truck graphics than with billboards. With a cost per thousand impressions of a 30 second prime time TV ad costing an average of $23.70 and a 30 second radio ad costing $7.75 per thousand impressions, Graphic Accents offers the lowest cost per thousand impressions with their mobile media advertising at $0.48 per thousand impressions.

Graphic Accents offers the most cost-effective marketing and advertising options, and they do so with exceptional attention to detail in their designing process. They can handle a wide range of customers, no matter the style or look preferred. Not only can this local wrap shop assist each customer from Akron to Cuyahoga Falls with the design and installation of the best custom vehicle wrap for their specific demographic, but they also offer extensive options in graphic design, including logo design. Their design team can take anyone’s ideas and incorporate them into numerous marketing materials — including trifold fliers, in-store graphics, window murals, wall graphics, and so much more. Whether a company is looking for a new look to revamp their approach to customers or a startup is looking for the best design work, Graphic Accents will help them to achieve their success goals.

Entrepreneurs in and around Fairlawn, Ohio, can’t build their business alone and are always looking for business who will work with them throughout their careers. Graphic Accents in Akron, Ohio, will be the perfect company to partner with to attract new customers with the most cost-effective advertising. They will be there through inception with professional graphic and logo design, as well as offering the best custom vehicle wraps. This local wrap shop’s attention to detail provides eye-catching solutions that can be applied to any point of sale material. Their trailer and truck graphics are suitable for any sized company, from a Ford Sprinter for a contractor to a semi-truck for a food distributor. Individuals from North Canton, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, can count on Graphic Accents to treat their business as if it were their own.
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