Any Business in Toledo, Ohio, Wanting Cost-Effective Advertising Can Call Ohio Wraps for Fleet Graphics

By Fiona Vernon

Every day hundreds of thousands of trucks and cars from Columbus, Ohio, to Toledo, Ohio, leave their garages to travel the roads, whether they are going to work, school, or to run errands. Many cars contain multiple people, and with that many potential customers viewing the vehicles that they pass, it is a missed opportunity for any company not to use commercial vehicle graphics. It would behoove any business from Cleveland, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, that uses any sized trucks for deliveries or has sales representatives on the road, to contact Ohio Wraps for the most cost-effective advertising available. Their 3M vehicle wraps are perfect for truck advertising, company branding, and mobile billboards with company vehicle graphics displayed for all passersby to appreciate. Anyone that contemplates the hundreds of cars they pass on a single trip to a grocery store, let alone the tens of thousands that a delivery truck passes in eight hours of traveling between destinations, will be aware that anyone who doesn’t take advantage of the fleet graphics that can be installed by this local advertising company are missing many prospective new clients.

Ohio Wraps doesn’t merely offer the services of designing, creating, and installing the most cost-effective advertising with their 3M vehicle wraps, they also offer any business the ability to consistently appear before thousands of people each day. Whether someone oversees a fleet of 500 delivery trucks in Columbus or they have one company car in Youngtown, this local advertising company can create company branding with vehicle or fleet graphics that can increase the growth of any business. It costs approximately $23.70 per thousand impressions to purchase a TV ad and about $7.75 per thousand impressions for a radio spot. This doesn’t even come close in comparison to the $0.48 per thousand impressions that it costs for fleet graphics and truck advertising. Everyone drives or rides in a vehicle to get where they need to go, so a company doesn’t even have to narrow down where their target market might be. Every demographic will be the target!

Ohio Wraps’ 3M wraps offer the latest technology with their thoroughly tested 2 mil, opaque film that produces high-quality long-term commercial vehicle graphics from Toledo to Cleveland. Not only can they install this pressure-activated film as company vehicle graphics, but they also can perform transit advertising, mobile billboards, window display graphics, banners, flexible signage, and virtually any printing and graphics necessary to promote a business. Almost everyone has driven down the street and a had a convincing ad catch their eye, but it doesn’t often occur; however, a three-month survey by 3M found that 97% of survey respondents recalled the ads that they had seen on truck advertising, 98% thought the ads created a positive image, and 96% thought that fleet graphics they viewed had more impact than billboards. The positive results of the retention rate among consumers combined with it boasting the lowest price tag lends to the fact that anyone can benefit from the cost-effective advertising installed by Ohio Wraps.

All companies, from small entrepreneurs to large scale international businesses, need to advertise to attract fresh consumers. All companies, from Toledo, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, are always seeking the most cost-effective advertising that is possible to attain positive company branding. This method can be found at Ohio Wraps with their 3M vehicle wraps — perfect for mobile billboards, truck advertising, fleet graphics, and many other commercial vehicle graphics. Anyone from Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, can call this local advertising company to install company vehicle graphics and reach the thousands of people that aren’t aware of all that a business might have to offer.
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